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Make Me Feel

on Dirty Computer

by Janelle Monae

First Played: 2018-02-25 11:20:21
Last Played: 2019-06-15 00:56:31
Total Plays: 50

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  • Kevin Cole : 06/14/2019 05:56 PM
    "I appreciate @KEXP because it’s not just a station that plays cool tunes, it’s a venue - a safe space for talented artists who may not have the means to move their vision universally. Music heals, and #KEXP is that music." -Ivan Power safe spaces: 1-866-903-5397
  • Atticus : 06/07/2019 03:04 AM
  • Cheryl Waters : 05/24/2019 01:46 PM
    Marcus J. Moore of Pitchfork described Make Me Feel as, "The polymath unpacks a rubbery funk tune that recalls the likes of Prince and Sheila E. Her 1980s influences are clear, down to each massive synth line and the feeling of raw sensual energy woven throughout the song."
  • Atticus : 04/12/2019 02:59 AM
  • Kevin Cole : 03/14/2019 03:54 PM
    #129 Monáe had been exploring the themes presented in Dirty Computer for a decade before its production, but noted that "earlier it felt safer to package herself in metaphors...The sanitized android version felt more accepted — and more acceptable — than her true self. The public, she explained, doesn't really 'know Janelle Monáe, and I felt like I didn't really have to be her because they were fine with Cindi.'" Monáe considers Dirty Computer to be "a homage to women and the spectrum of sexual identities." The album's 14 tracks can be grouped into three loose categories: Reckoning, Celebration and Reclamation. The first deals with Monáe's recognition of how she is viewed by society, the middle explores her acceptance of "the cards she has been dealt", and the closing tracks deal with her reclamation and redefinition of American identity. Overall, the album is Monáe's attempt to "step into a more authentic self".

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