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Mercy In You

on Songs Of Faith And Devotion

by Depeche Mode

First Played: 01/12/2017 11:17 AM
Last Played: 03/22/2022 07:11 AM
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Songplay History

  • John Richards : 03/22/2022 07:11 AM
    Depeche Mode released their eighth studio album, Songs of Faith and Devotion, on this day in 1993! Songs of Faith and Devotion was recorded over eight months in a rented villa in Madrid during 1992, as well as later sessions in Hamburg and London. Following his work on U2's seventh studio album, producer Flood suggested the idea of building their own studio in a rented house where the band would live and work, the same process having yielded huge successes for U2. A studio was set up in the basement of the villa, with two drum kits using different spaces to achieve different sounds. The band had become aware of getting caught in easy routines in the studio leading to boredom and thus wanted to change as many aspects to their approach to the recording as possible.
  • John Richards : 12/02/2020 07:41 AM
    "I have been blind Emotionally behind I have faith I will find The mercy in you" http://www.depechemode.com/
  • Cheryl Waters : 01/12/2017 11:17 AM
    no comment

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