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Show Me (feat. Pos from De La Soul)

on On the Ropes

by Mint Royale

First Played: 02/19/2002 12:27 PM
Last Played: 09/20/2021 10:11 AM
Total Plays: 630

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  • Cheryl Waters : 09/20/2021 10:11 AM
    Ahhh....the Friday song...on Monday! http://mint-royale.com/
  • John Richards : 09/17/2021 08:36 AM
    Ahhh....the Friday song. Join KEXP for Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now): Without Borders, September 13 through October 15, a month dedicated to amplifying the voices, stories, and music of the communities of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin and Latinx diaspora around the world.: https://www.kexp.org/aquiyahora/
  • John Richards : 09/10/2021 08:20 AM
    Ahhh...the Friday song. You can go back into the KEXP archives to listen to yesterday's Music Heals: Mental Health programming: https://www.kexp.org/archive/ --- Good morning John! Gosh, I am so tired of this past year and a half. I'm fed up with work, I'm irritated at home, I miss my friends, I don't know who I am anymore. I need a sense of normalcy. I want to request a song but I don't even know which one. Can you play something that makes you smile? Something that reminds you of great times, great people, a fun event, a time of hope. Anything. The only requirement is that it *must* make you smile. That will be my song for today. <3 Thank you. And never stop being the beautiful person you are. Debora
  • John Richards : 08/27/2021 08:52 AM
    Ahhh...the Friday song. Join KEXP on Thursday, September 9th for Music Heals: Mental Health as we acknowledge the struggles of mental health and emotional well being that so many of us deal with and how music can really make a difference. From 5AM-7PM we'll be reading your stories and playing your requests. You can send yours in today by emailing stories@kexp.org and then tune in on Thursday 9/9 to hear the stories and experiences of your fellow listeners.: kexp.org/musicheals.
  • Evie : 08/13/2021 09:01 AM
    Ahhh....the Friday song. KEXP will celebrate World Goth Day (Extended) next Tuesday, August 17th. Celebrate the darker side of summer as KEXP DJ’s play goth favorites, old and new, from around the world, all day from 7am to 7pm.: https://www.kexp.org/events/kexp-events/world-goth-day-extended/

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