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Eight Miles High

on Eight Miles High/Makes No Sense At All

by Hüsker Dü

First Played: 10/19/2003 01:03 PM
Last Played: 03/14/2023 05:44 PM
Total Plays: 11

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  • Kevin Cole : 03/14/2023 05:44 PM
    Covering the Byrds, this was released in 1984 as a non-album single. Support Kevin and Drive Time and all the music you won't here anywhere else but KEXP! https://www.kexp.org/spring-2023-drive/?next=%2F
  • John Richards : 01/20/2023 07:19 AM
    Roger McGuinn encouraged David Crosby to weigh in on Husker Du's cover of The Byrds' clasic. David Crosby tweeted, "Didn't get me." -- This article, however, says the cover is "a blistering attack on the philosophical failure of a previous generation’s subculture and a landmark recording in the life of an important and influential underground band.": https://bit.ly/3kq9UxP
  • Cheryl Waters : 05/28/2021 12:21 PM
    Cover of the classic Byrds song, which is often credited as the first bona fide psychadelic pop song. "Eight Miles High" was released as a non-album single in April 1984. In a 2019 interview with Stereogum, Bob Mould talked about the track, saying, "Everything we did in the studio, basic tracks, was first take. We did not want to use one of the songs from the album as a warm up track. We would jam a little. We had to do something, so that was the first song. We did that, and I did vocals right away to warm up. It's a pretty crazy vocal take. It became this calling card, at the moment, for the band, coming out right before 'Zen Arcade'." https://bit.ly/3fW1YhI
  • Kevin Cole : 08/28/2019 03:37 PM
  • Kevin Cole : 05/10/2018 05:16 PM
    "Eight Miles High" was originally recorded by the Byrds.

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