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by The Linda Lindas

First Played: 07/26/2022 09:13 AM
Last Played: 07/26/2022 09:13 AM
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  • John Richards : 07/26/2022 09:13 AM
    The Linda Lindas have just shared their cover of the Go-Go’s’ “Tonite” from the classic Beauty and the Beat. They say "(We) started out as a cover band, and we’ve played more songs by the Go-Go’s than anyone else. And even after we started to write our own songs, we never stopped playing “Tonite.” We love the idea of us going out and owning our town, and “Tonite” is as fun to play as it is empowering—especially the part where we all sing together. “We rule the streets tonite until the morning light” and so should our fans. Because the cover is such a hit at shows, we decided to record a studio version to pay tribute to the greatest all-female rock band of all time, a crucial part of the L.A. punk scene, and our heroes." Oh Linda Lindas, is there nothing you can't do. Jesus this is awesome.

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