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Lovely Day (Full Phatt Remix)

on Lovely Day (Full Phatt Remix)

by Bill Withers

First Played: 09/08/2021 02:19 PM
Last Played: 09/08/2021 02:19 PM
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  • Larry Mizell, Jr. : 09/08/2021 02:19 PM
    Skip Scarborough was a songwriter and producer who worked with Earth, Wind & Fire, Patti Labelle, LTD, and many other R&B stars before his death in 2003. He wrote the music for this song, and was also the inspiration for the lyrics Withers came up with. Bill Withers explained: "Skip was a very nice, gentle man. The way Skip was, every day was just a lovely day. He was an optimist. If I had sat down with the same music and my collaborator had been somebody else with a different personality, it probably would have caused something else to cross my mind lyrically. It was a combination of the music and the person and the ambiance in the room." --- On “Lovely Day”, recorded in 1977, Bill Withers held a high E note for somewhere around eighteen seconds.

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