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Pedestrian At Best


by Lynks

First Played: 01/05/2021 04:46 PM
Last Played: 01/05/2021 04:46 PM
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  • Kevin Cole : 01/05/2021 04:46 PM
    “Courtney’s original version of ‘Pedestrian At Best’ was one of the first tracks that inspired me to start writing music,” Lynks says. “There was something in the specificity and the humour of the lyrics that made me realise, ‘holy shit, I could write songs about ANYTHING’. And so at the start of lockdown when I got my first synth and I was learning how to use it, I thought why not try and do my own spin on it as a kinda technical exercise. But then it ended up sounding amazing. I performed it on a live stream, a bunch of people asked me if I would release it and now here we are! I’m so happy to be paying homage to the ICON that is Courtney Barnett and to be turning her existential punk anthem into an unapologetic gay-club-ready banger.” https://diymag.com/2020/10/14/watch-lynks-pedestrian-at-best-cover-courtney-barnett-video Support the Artist here: https://lynkslynkslynks.bandcamp.com/track/pedestrian-at-best

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