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on Still We Are EP

by Hot Toddy

First Played: 12/08/2020 04:00 PM
Last Played: 12/08/2020 04:00 PM
Total Plays: 1

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  • Larry Mizell, Jr. : 12/08/2020 04:00 PM
    Three years on from his latest solo outing, Crazy P founder member Chris Todd AKA Hot Toddy returns to House of Disco with a predictably fine four-tracker. Our pick of a very strong bunch is the toughened up, revivalist electrofunk flex of "Wilde Touch", where clipped guitar riffs, crunchy Clavinet lines and colourful melodies ride a rubbery bassline, though the Paper Recordings-era Crazy P deep house/disco fusion of "Still We Are" is almost as impressive. Speaking of Crazy P, lead singer Danielle Moore lends her distinctive vocals to the Imagination-ish Brit-boogie business of "Positive Emotion", while the EP's other track, opener "Synthesize", is a darker and more spaced-out chunk of weighty, bassline-driven nu-boogie goodness. Check em out here: https://houseofdisco.bandcamp.com/album/hot-toddy-still-we-are-ep

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