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You Are Not Alone


by Brandon Summers

First Played: 04/08/2020 07:36 AM
Last Played: 07/22/2022 09:58 AM
Total Plays: 51

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  • John Richards : 07/22/2022 09:58 AM
    Especially after yesterday's "Music Heals: Beyond Cancer" day, it's good to be reminded that you are not alone.
  • John Richards : 02/04/2022 07:19 AM
    Hey John, could you please play the Brandon Summers song? You know the one. Could really use some "you are not alone" vibes ❤️ Thanks ❤️ ---Chris -- This song inspired by The Morning Show isn't available anywhere yet, but you can support Brandon Summer's band The Helio Sequence here: https://theheliosequence.bandcamp.com
  • John Richards : 01/06/2022 07:26 AM
    You are not alone Heather! We're all sending you positive thoughts!
  • John Richards : 10/08/2021 08:50 AM
    Sandra in the Central District: I’ve been a KEXP member for many years, but just became an amplifier last year when I realized that KEXP is not just a great music station, but has been a lifeline to myself and so many others during the pandemic. Thank you for introducing great new music, and for all the moments each day that lift us up. https://www.kexp.org/donate/
  • Cheryl Waters : 08/09/2021 12:40 PM
    Hi KEXP team! I first started listening to KEXP in the early 00's. Even though I was a broke-ass grad student at UW, I did my best to give a few dollars here and there because I was discovering so much amazing music thanks to you all. As I've become more financially comfortable in the ensuing years, I've become an Amplifier and have gradually increased my monthly donation. I bumped up my monthly donation again recently, because KEXP has consistently lifted my spirits with music during these times that can sometimes feel very dark and lonely. In particular, I've found Brandon Summers' "You Are Not Alone" to be a beautifully uplifting song, and would like to request that. I look forward to supporting KEXP for many years! Davis

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