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on Giants of All Sizes

by Elbow

First Played: 10/25/2019 06:30 AM
Last Played: 07/21/2022 06:05 PM
Total Plays: 13

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  • Kevin Cole : 07/21/2022 06:05 PM
    "In late 2019 my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was caught early and was very treatable but nonetheless, I made it a priority to travel back to the East Coast to spend time with him while he began his treatment. I flew to NJ to be with him in February of 2020 and that visit ended up being the last time I would see him... Things were managed for the most part but then his health took a turn for the worse in December 2021. I had to make the agonizing decision of whether or not to travel across the country during another covid spike, considering I had a 5 month old baby. It'll always hurt my heart to know that my son never got to meet and know my Dad, a man who was selfless and full of love, especially for his grandkids... Music helped me cope with all of the emotions I was processing from 3000 miles away. One song in particular that my brother sent to me, both broke me and healed me at the same time. It made me think of all the things my son would be missing by not having my dad in his life, and it made me grateful for all the people who we DO have, that will be there to tell him stories about his Poppop. " -- Gina
  • John Richards : 02/13/2020 11:24 AM
    Guy Garvey of Elbow spoke with KEXP. In the interview, he spoke of losing his Dad to cancer, and how much family was around him, loving and supporting him at the end of his life. "Dad wore pomade in his hair. I asked him if I could give him a shave and do his hair for him just to sort of perk him up in his hospital bed. Then throughout the day, whenever his hair was out of place from rustlin' around in his bed. I would pat down my work. I would pat down his hair in the middle of a conversation about "do not resuscitate" and chemotherapy. He said to my sister, "You know what? Maybe I will have chemotherapy if it will stop Guy from touching my fucking hair (laughs)." So, he was nursed to his death in my sister's house. She's a trained nurse and her husband, too. He never lost his appetite, and he felt no pain. He was surrounded by my sisters, my brother, and all his grandchildren singing, talking, and cracking jokes. He had the most amazing farewell you could imagine. He said in these last few weeks of life that he'd never felt so loved in his whole life, which is just what you want." Read (or listen) to the full interview with Garvey here: https://www.kexp.org/read/2019/11/27/guy-garvey-elbow-giants-all-sizes-and-staying-hopeful/
  • Stevie Zoom : 01/26/2020 01:19 PM
  • Tanner Ellison : 12/22/2019 12:16 PM
    No Seattle tour dates in 2020 yet. The closest they get is at the Fox Theater in Oakland on January 20. https://elbow.co.uk/
  • John Richards : 12/04/2019 06:32 AM

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