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on Junior

by Corridor

First Played: 2019-09-19 11:30:08
Last Played: 2019-12-09 21:48:12
Total Plays: 15

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  • Abbie : 12/09/2019 01:48 PM
    Broadcasting my session with Corridor on Monday, Dec 16th at Noon!
  • Cheryl Waters : 11/21/2019 01:51 PM
    Montreal band Corridor will be at Barboza on Tuesday, December 10th. https://bit.ly/2XzG0aS
  • John Richards : 11/19/2019 07:18 AM
  • Kevin Cole : 11/15/2019 02:28 PM
    This Montreal band is playing Barboza on December 10th! Junior is the band's third full-length and their third recorded with their friend, producer (and occasionally roommate) Emmanuel Ethier. However 2015's Le Voyage √Čternel and 2017's Supermercado were made languorously, their songs taking shape across whole seasons. The band were committed to releasing an album every two years, and for Junior it required a blitz. "If you want to release something this fall, we need the masters by the 10th of May," the label had warned them. Winter was already in its last throes: on March 1, Corridor went into studio; in mid-April, Corridor came out. They had somehow created Junior and it was, if we may be so bold, spectacular. https://bit.ly/2CPplXq
  • Kevin Cole : 11/12/2019 02:26 PM
    Corridor will be in Seattle next month, playing at Barboza on December 10th! https://bit.ly/2QdDnKn

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