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Turn Me Loose

on Loverboy

by Loverboy

First Played: 2019-08-31 00:35:00
Last Played: 2019-08-31 00:35:00
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  • Kevin Cole : 08/30/2019 05:35 PM
    From mixtape "Hot Cheeto Fantasy" shared by winner of the inaugural KEXP Mixtape Week, Jana Sturdivant: "I made this mixtape for a friend who was also born in 1981. She’s a professional drummer in a rock band (I.e. she knows her stuff) so I picked songs that were only released or charted that year (with one being a questionable selection on the validity of released in 1981). Side is called 'Arts' for songs/bands/albums that were more avant garde and side B is 'Charts' for songs/bands/albums that charted. I tried to pick a musical aesthetic she would enjoy but that I could tolerate listening to over and over as I mixed it. Anyway, it was ultimately a birthday gift so I kept in mind bands we had discussed, birthday songs, etc."

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