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Old Engine Oil

on (V/A) Daptone Gold

by The Budos Band

First Played: 2019-02-15 09:07:49
Last Played: 2019-08-16 11:33:31
Total Plays: 63

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  • Atticus : 08/16/2019 04:33 AM
  • Morgan : 07/20/2019 02:48 PM
  • Atticus : 07/12/2019 02:42 AM
  • Kevin Cole : 07/11/2019 02:16 PM
    Over the course of their nearly decade and a half long career, the 60’s/70’s influenced afro-soul instrumental band’s thunderous and eclectic sound has known no bounds. Budos Band V is a collection of expertly crafted energizing guitar licks, syncopated percussion precision, vigorous horns, and validates that the band is in their most monumental form to date.

  • Abbie : 07/05/2019 02:57 PM
    BB's Jared Tankel on this track: "'Old Engine Oil' is, to me, it's kind of a clear favorite and winner from the album. We put it first, so that says something and we're leading off our sets with it now. I think it just kind of sets the mood right for us. It's got the guitar-driven thrust to it. But it's a little bit different than some of 'Burnt Offerings' guitar licks. It's a little dirtier almost. But the horns are just super anthemic and strong, which I think is like reminiscent of [The Budos Band II] or even The Budos Band I." https://bit.ly/2ZOZYyW

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