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on Lux Prima

by Karen O & Danger Mouse

First Played: 01/15/2019 10:39 PM
Last Played: 03/11/2020 01:44 PM
Total Plays: 53

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  • Cheryl Waters : 03/11/2020 01:44 PM
    Watch the LIVE music video for Karen O & Danger Mouse's "Woman": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5GvHBASyao
  • Evie : 03/08/2020 03:21 PM
    Karen Lee Orzolek, or Karen O, fronts the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in addition to her own projects, including this 2019 collaboration with Danger Mouse. Ben Beaumont-Thomas, in his Guardian review, said the album casts a "bewitching spell": https://bit.ly/2VUWXOf
  • Larry Mizell, Jr. : 03/07/2020 12:10 PM
    Today is our first full day of the annual Spring Fundraising week. Go to kexp.org or call 206-903-5397/866-903-5397 to keep powering KEXP!
  • John Richards : 03/06/2020 08:54 AM
    Karen O said in a press release that the song came "like a bolt out of the blue" when she was in the studio with Danger Mouse. Her first take found her "blurting unintelligible words", to which Danger Mouse responded "Dang! That was intense."
  • John Richards : 12/19/2019 08:58 AM
    #18 Most Played on JITM 2019 | From 2019's fabulous collab with Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O, and Danger Mouse. O said in a statement about this song, "I like to write songs that anyone can relate to but this one felt especially for the inner child in me that needed the bullies out there to know you don’t f*ck with me. I’m a woman now and I’ll protect that inner girl in me from hell and high water.”

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