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Gold Rush

on Thank You For Today

by Death Cab for Cutie

First Played: 2018-06-13 22:27:00
Last Played: 2018-09-19 16:39:35
Total Plays: 61

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  • John Richards : 09/19/2018 09:39 AM
  • John Richards : 09/18/2018 09:26 AM
    Gold Rush had its origins when frontman Ben Gibbard ‘flipped’ a loop taken from Ono’s song ‘Mind Train’ from her record ‘Fly’. “If I’m on a campaign for this album, it’s for people to actually spend time with her music before they feel like they know what it is, because her music spans a much wider spectrum than people give her credit for,” Gibbard told NME.
  • Morgan : 09/08/2018 01:22 PM
    Tune in during the show for your chance to win entry for you and a guest to an exclusive in-studio performance with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. On Wednesday September 12th at noon, Ben will be playing audience requests in the KEXP live room! If you aren't one of the lucky winners, tune in to hear the whole session or watch live at kexp.org.
  • Troy Nelson : 09/06/2018 04:31 PM
    Ben Gibbard will be right here at KEXP for the Midday Show on September 12th!
  • John Richards : 09/06/2018 09:36 AM
    Stay tuned to KEXP for chances to win tickets to watch Ben Gibbard perform your requests in our Live Room on September 12th at noon! https://bit.ly/2M5Z0Gw

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