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Rained On

on Recorded Songs

by Frightened Rabbit

First Played: 10/09/2017 07:00 AM
Last Played: 08/06/2020 04:22 PM
Total Plays: 3

Songplay History

  • Kevin Cole : 08/06/2020 04:22 PM
    Amplifier Maddie, from Seattle, requested this song. A note from Maddie: "KEXP's celebration & remembrance of Scott Hutchinson's life is what made me become an amplifier! I think this is one of their most beautiful songs, but a lot of folks haven't heard it yet."
  • DJ Shannon : 05/25/2018 12:52 AM
    Katie's request
  • John Richards : 10/09/2017 07:00 AM
    From the Scottish band's new 3-track EP, described by Scott Hutchison: “These three songs seemed to exist happily next to one another, so it made sense to place them on an EP instead of wedging them into an album on which they didn’t fit. These are not B-sides or ‘bonus tracks.’ These are songs that still fill us with the same feelings that our albums can, and I’m happy that they now have a place to live”. http://frightenedrabbit.com/

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