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on Dirt

by Alice in Chains

First Played: 2002-04-21 02:03:44
Last Played: 2019-08-16 15:08:14
Total Plays: 35

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  • John Richards : 08/16/2019 08:08 AM
    "Would?" was written by guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell as a tribute to his friend Andrew Wood, lead vocalist of Mother Love Bone, who died of a heroin overdose in 1990. Cantrell sings the verses of the song, while Layne Staley sings the chorus.
  • John Richards : 04/05/2019 09:11 AM
  • Kevin Cole : 04/04/2019 04:14 PM
    Happy birthday Mike Starr! (b. April 4, 1966- March 8, 2011) Alice in Chains gained attention in the Seattle area and later signed a record deal with Columbia Records. They enjoyed extensive success in the grunge rock movement of the early 90's. Starr was with the group for the "Facelift" and "Dirt" albums and the "Sap" EP. Starr parted ways just as the band was achieving its greatest commercial success while touring for "Dirt" in 1993.
  • John Richards : 01/16/2019 07:47 AM
    Alice in Chains' most recent album 'Rainier Fog' came out in 2018. The Seattle band have tour dates announced for 2019 and will be playing throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
  • Eva Walker : 11/17/2018 06:16 PM

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