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Big Fish

on Big Fish Theory

by Vince Staples

First Played: 2017-06-03 12:24:00
Last Played: 2017-07-21 23:44:29
Total Plays: 14

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  • Kevin Cole : 07/21/2017 04:44 PM
    "The one thing I came to an understanding of, is that there’s a difference between artists and people who make music for consumption. I see people like Kilo Kish, people like Sophie, people like Bon Iver. These people are real artists. They take risks, they do whatever they want to do. When Sophie’s not creating his own music, he’s doing things for the other people within his team. When Kish isn’t creating music, she’s trying to do art shows, she’s trying to make furniture. When Tyler’s not creating music, he’s creating television shows and creating clothing and figuring out what kind of cars he wants. These are artists." http://bit.ly/2sGxQhw
  • Larry Rose : 07/18/2017 10:01 PM
    Long Beach, CA. Headlining Bumbershoot on Sunday, September 3.
  • Troy Nelson : 07/18/2017 10:54 AM
    Long Beach, California rapper Vince Staples is going to perform at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.
  • Troy Nelson : 07/15/2017 05:18 PM
    Vince Staples will be at Bumbershoot on Sunday, September 3rd!
  • Kevin Cole : 07/13/2017 02:48 PM
    Playing Bumbershoot on September 3rd!

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