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If you Want

on We Have Sound

by Tom Vek

First Played: 10/07/2005 04:23 PM
Last Played: 04/15/2021 06:00 PM
Total Plays: 12

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  • Evie : 04/15/2021 06:00 PM
    "There are four or five years of stuff leading up to We Have Sound, and I think you can hear where it was sort of meandering around," Vek says. It’s that clunky, almost chucked-together nature of his disparate influences that contributed so greatly to the appeal of the record, coming to take the form of a new dance-rock hybrid that had emerged at the beginning of the millennium. "The big wave of that era was basically started by The Rapture for me. I remember seeing The Rapture at Club Optimo in Glasgow and thinking 'Holy shit, this is insane.' It was like a totally new genre of music, this sort of punk funk and everyone went home and started trying to play disco beats on their drums. It was a cool time, and it felt like the traditional band could make a new sound." https://bit.ly/2RFmZVG
  • Evie : 12/02/2015 03:44 AM
  • Reeves : 06/19/2015 01:32 AM
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  • Guest DJ : 06/18/2014 05:01 AM
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  • Quilty 3000 : 04/01/2012 05:38 PM
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