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Call To Love

on Dignity and Shame

by Crooked Fingers

First Played: 2005-01-06 16:50:58
Last Played: 2019-06-20 00:39:14
Total Plays: 124

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  • Kevin Cole : 06/19/2019 05:39 PM
    Another project from Archers of Loaf front man Eric Bachmann. http://www.ericbachmann.com/
  • Kevin Cole : 02/14/2019 02:22 PM
    Crooked Fingers is an American North Carolina-based band, led by the former Archers of Loaf lead singer Eric Bachmann. The band was previously based in Seattle, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia before moving to Denver. "Call to Love" offers an awkward metaphor and one of a few duets with Australian singer Lara Meyerratken.
  • Kevin Cole : 08/31/2018 04:34 PM
    This one is for Chris, who writes, "Recently I was fortunate enough to celebrate 8 years of recovery. One of the greatest gifts in that time was reuniting with my father because I finally could understand just how much he loved me and I was also able to make amends to him for a host of things I had done. Our bond became unbreakable and when he passed away earlier this year, we talked and laughed until the end. He loved music and played the piano in church. While I never had the talent he had (my brother got that) I always had the love for music. He was a deeply spiritual man and looked at life with awe and great expectations. When I was leaving to return home, I thought of songs that captured the spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest that was his trademark." Thinking of you both, and thanks for sharing your story and music, Chris.
  • Kevin Cole : 06/15/2018 02:44 PM
  • Cheryl Waters : 02/14/2018 01:05 PM

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