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You Get What You Give

on Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too.

by New Radicals

First Played: 04/25/2017 03:03 PM
Last Played: 01/27/2023 09:55 AM
Total Plays: 59

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  • John Richards : 01/27/2023 09:55 AM
    Hi John, I wanted to say thank you for giving new meaning to songs that we have all known for so long. I was having a pretty terrible day earlier this week and "Get What You Give" came on the radio and I just felt this immediate weight lifted off of me. It's a song I've heard for many years and never really gave it too much thought (aside from the great music video and the bucket hats) but now the message of your show and this big weird, amazing community, I hear it differently. It gives me a renewed sense of hope, so thank you for that. Much love, --Sam from Pittsburgh -- . In an interview, U2 lead guitarist the Edge is quoted saying "You Get What You Give" is the song he is "most jealous of. I really would love to have written that."
  • John Richards : 01/20/2023 08:01 AM
    In 2002, Joni Mitchell told Rolling Stone: The only thing I heard in many years that I thought had greatness in it was the New Radicals. I loved that song ‘You Get What You Give.’ It was a big hit, and I said, ‘Where did they go?’ It turns out the guy [Gregg Alexander] quit. I thought, ‘Good for him.’ I knew he was my kind of guy. -- (Actually, Gregg Alexander built a lengthy résumé with his songwriting credits and Grammy-winning production work.: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/gregg-alexander-mn0000195040/biography)
  • John Richards : 01/13/2023 09:51 AM
    Did you know that the frontman of The New Radicals, Gregg Alexander, decided it was time for the band to break up after one album because he essentially figured they'd never come out with another hit as good as "You Get What You Give."? : https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-the-new-radicals
  • John Richards : 01/06/2023 07:26 AM
    When Edge and Bono were being interviewed and were asked what they felt was the greatest song not by U2, Edge responded with “You Get What You Give.” “When I first heard that on the radio, we were in the studio working on something, and I was like ‘What?’” he said. “And I promptly went and wrote a song that I thought was mildly influenced by that tune. It turned out that like within an hour of playing it, everyone was going, ‘What are you doing? That’s the same as the New Radicals,’ so it never saw the light of day.”
  • John Richards : 12/16/2022 08:58 AM
    #15... Remember that you are not alone... -- “You Get What You Give” became the signature song of the New Radicals, released as the lead single from their only album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too. The song received critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone calling it one of the greatest One Hit Wonder songs and later calling it one of the best songs of the 90s. In an interview, U2 lead guitarist the Edge is quoted saying "You Get What You Give" is the song he is "most jealous of. I really would love to have written that." -- See the official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL7-CKirWZE

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