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on Disintegration

by The Cure

First Played: 06/07/2004 04:55 AM
Last Played: 03/11/2020 06:05 AM
Total Plays: 116

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  • John Richards : 03/11/2020 06:05 AM
    "I think it's dark and it looks like it's rain, you said... And the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world, you said..."
  • John Richards : 02/04/2020 09:49 AM
    ""Plainsong": After about 20 seconds of wind chimes, the bass, synths and drums hit like a thunderclap, and just like that, you're in Smith's stormy little world. When he finally gets around to singing, he quotes a girl who compares the weather to death and complains about feeling old. " Can a song be more Tuesday?
  • John Richards : 12/17/2019 07:26 AM
    Smith deliberately sought to record an album that was depressing, as it was a reflection of the despondency he felt at the time. The sound of the album was a shock to the band's American label Elektra Records; the label requested Smith shift the release date back several months. Smith recalled "they thought I was being 'willfully obscure', which was an actual quote from the letter [Smith received from Elektra]. Ever since then I realised that record companies don't have a fucking clue what The Cure does and what The Cure means."
  • John Richards : 10/11/2019 06:20 AM
    Alrighty folks, here's your link to The Cure performing all of Disintegration live for its 30th anniversary in Sydney last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9uSPf9WDbw
  • John Richards : 09/13/2019 06:09 AM
    We're playing BIG SONGS today, and this is a great example of what we mean by BIG. Think epic soundscapes. And go! Requests welcomed at dj@kexp.org or text 206-903-5397

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