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The Enemy Guns

on How It Ends

by DeVotchKa

First Played: 10/07/2004 02:54 AM
Last Played: 01/14/2021 06:12 PM
Total Plays: 138

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  • Kevin Cole : 01/14/2021 06:12 PM
    Nick Urata on the band's varied influences: "When I started the band, I just had a vision of where I wanted to go, and in many ways it looked exactly like what we are now, but you are right, I had no idea how to get there, I have always been drawn to songs from other countries and cultures, and I loved rock and roll, but I knew we would get no where if I couldn’t sing so that was a big hurdle for me. When I met each member, Jeanie was experimenting with Balkan brass and Victorian music, Tom was trained in the classics but loved the Cure and Joy Division, Shawn was learning Afro-Cuban and mariachi rhythms; so it was a great place to start." https://bit.ly/3nM4DwD
  • Abbie : 10/07/2020 02:26 AM
    Four-piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble, DeVotchKa started out their career as a backing band for burlesque shows and even toured with Dita Von Teese. Your support matters! You can donate to KEXP's fall drive here: https://www.kexp.org/donate/
  • Kevin Cole : 08/18/2020 04:38 PM
    Check out the recording of this song from The Ace Hotel in NYC during CMJ 2010: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDzmvUZTI8s
  • Kevin Cole : 04/10/2020 03:26 PM
    Great start to your shift Kevin, got me dancing while I start in on 18 cubic yards of bark! If you can fit in some DeVotchKa sometime today, that'd be killer. Thanks! Tom in Snohomish, looking forward to beer-thirty today...
  • Kevin Cole : 02/11/2020 02:50 PM
    Devotchka performed this song LIVE on KEXP during CMJ 2010. Watch here: https://bit.ly/2ULpLs6

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  • scottporad : Jan 29, 2008 02:50:33 PM
    this is song is great!
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