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losing my edge

on LCD Soundsystem

by LCD Soundsystem

First Played: 05/31/2011 05:53 PM
Last Played: 01/14/2021 09:15 AM
Total Plays: 95

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  • John Richards : 01/14/2021 09:15 AM
    Happy Birthday to KEXP volunteer Chelsea!
  • Troy Nelson : 12/12/2020 05:52 PM
    Thanks everybody! Stay tuned for Eva Walker and Audioasis https://lcdsoundsystem.com/
  • John Richards : 10/27/2020 08:18 AM
    You know it’s going to be a great day when you fire up the soundsystem and Losing my Edge is just starting. I’m gonna teach the (bleep) out of some art today! Thanks John and Imaginary Owen (and the rest of the morning team) Chris Art Teacher -- Good morning John and crew! Today is my birthday, and since 45 is officially old, and I am definitely losing it, would you play Losing My Edge by LCDS? Thanks! -Andrea from College Station, TX -------------------------------------- Happy birthday Andrea!
  • John Richards : 09/01/2020 08:12 AM
    Happy 50th birthday Roger! Allison wrote us: "Well, Roger is 50 today. While not the epic party we had hoped to ring it in, he is still the same guy I want to wake up with every damn day. He’s kind, smart, funny, and amazingly good looking for his age. And since he’s always been a touch forgetful, he doesn’t mind me repeating stories and laughs every time. Can you play LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge?"
  • Troy Nelson : 08/26/2020 09:53 AM
    Wishing a very happy birthday today to KEXP volunteer Elaine! This one's for you! This has been The Morning Show with Troy! See you again tomorrow at 7:00 AM. Eva Walker has got you covered for The Midday Show, up next. Take care of yourselves out there, friends.

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