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Black Tongue

on Fever to Tell

by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

First Played: 05/12/2003 02:25 AM
Last Played: 06/15/2021 08:50 AM
Total Plays: 60

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  • John Richards : 06/15/2021 08:50 AM
    From the Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut album, 'Fever to Tell'. It was produced by Dave Sitek and mixed by Alan Moulder. Karen O and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner first met Sitek while working together at a Brooklyn clothing store, and he went on to drive and manage them for their first concert tour. In 2002, the band asked Sitek to produce their debut album. She recalled the decision in an interview with Lizzy Goodman for her 2017 book Meet Me in the Bathroom. "I remember him giving me a few burned CDs of stuff that he had worked on", she Karen O said. "I guess he was just a buddy, and we felt immediately like we were family with him. And we didn’t know anyone else. That was probably one of the biggest reasons we worked with him, because we didn’t know anyone else. Then, of course, he ended up being really fucking masterful." https://bit.ly/3iG0fQH
  • Atticus : 03/08/2019 02:51 AM
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs will play Just Like Heaven in Long Beach May 3rd and 4th. https://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/
  • Evie : 12/01/2017 05:38 PM
    Keep up with Yeah Yeah Yeahs right here: http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/
  • Morgan : 10/31/2016 04:59 PM
    no comment
  • John Richards : 12/11/2013 07:28 AM
    Things are happening over at http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/

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