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on Scratch My Back

by Peter Gabriel

First Played: 02/13/2011 03:06 AM
Last Played: 01/13/2021 09:03 AM
Total Plays: 12

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  • John Richards : 01/13/2021 09:03 AM
    John Richards, you make my mornings infinitely better! I know you like a good cover, and with the recent anniversary of Bowie's birth + death, can you play Peter Gabriel's cover of Heroes? Both of these guys are in my top 5 fav artists of all time - it's really a beautiful tribute! Still not over Bowie's passing and I think I'm not alone in that
  • John Richards : 03/24/2020 08:05 AM
    Thank you for staying on the air. Viva la freedom.
  • John Richards : 12/03/2019 06:04 AM
  • Kevin Cole : 07/03/2019 04:16 PM
    This track was featured in Stranger Things, Season 1 episode 3. The new season drops on Netflix tomorrow. Get your popcorn and drinks stocked!
  • John Richards : 02/13/2017 08:47 AM
    Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel! "Heroes" became the opening track of Scratch My Back according to Gabriel in an interview with The Quietus because "without any of the drive of guitar and drums...it builds an enormous tension that bursts open. If you’re going to reinterpret something, then really do something. Nail your colours to the mast and say, ‘This is different, and it isn’t everybody's cup of tea."

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