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Whiskey in the Jar

on Orphans

by Hazeldine

First Played: 01/21/2019 10:35 AM
Last Played: 05/26/2022 09:47 PM
Total Plays: 3

Songplay History

  • Don Slack : 05/26/2022 09:47 PM
    no comment
  • Don Slack : 05/02/2019 07:17 PM
    Irish traditional made even more famous by Thin Lizzy
  • Cheryl Waters : 01/21/2019 10:35 AM
    "Whiskey in the Jar" is an Irish traditional song set in the southern mountains of Ireland. The song is the tale of a highwayman or footpad who, after robbing a military or government official, is betrayed by a woman; whether she is his wife or sweetheart is not made clear.

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