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Soft Shock ( acoustic )

on It's Blitz!

by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

First Played: 04/02/2009 10:25 PM
Last Played: 07/16/2019 06:06 AM
Total Plays: 10

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  • John Richards : 07/16/2019 06:06 AM
    According to Nick Launay, one of the two producers, the recording of It's Blitz was unusual for being largely written and created in the studio at a time when record labels had cut back on production budgets. Launay described a typical session as follows: Brian Chase would play lots of different drumbeats and we'd record it, chop it up and then make a groove loop out of it. Nick Zinner would then just jam to it, and we'd come up with an interesting rhythm part. Karen O would listen to that and come up with a vocal melody and then suddenly everything would fall into place.
  • John Richards : 04/19/2018 06:12 AM
    “Every now and then I’ll hear, ‘Thank you so much, you really got me through high school…and I don’t know what to say back… But really in my head I’m like, ‘I manifested that s*** for you! I wanted to get in there like a motherf***** and that’s what I did.” - The ever-cool Karen O, as quoted in the book "Meet Me In The Bathroom"
  • John Richards : 02/03/2015 06:20 AM
  • John Richards : 03/05/2014 06:16 AM
    Check out these photos of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing Live at Sasquatch in 2009 (captured by KEXP's photographer Kyle Johnson): http://www.flickr.com/photos/kexp/3559289370/
  • John Richards : 10/03/2013 06:10 AM
    no comment

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