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on Directions To See A Ghost

by The Black Angels

First Played: 04/07/2008 08:38 AM
Last Played: 02/17/2021 08:57 AM
Total Plays: 92

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  • Troy Nelson : 02/17/2021 08:57 AM
    Dan writes: Appreciate the Texas love -- our family is lucky to be an area that is unlikely to lose power, but most of Austin is completely without power, looks like snow swept war zone downtown -- been driving around picking up neighbors' relatives in my 4x4 so they can stay with my neighbors and finally have heat our rental property on Texas coast is 17 degrees -- INSIDE
  • Greta Rose : 07/06/2020 04:06 AM
    no comment
  • Evie : 11/26/2019 07:58 AM
  • Mike Ramos : 12/16/2018 03:26 AM
  • Troy Nelson : 10/05/2018 03:49 PM
    This album is the second from rock band The Black Angels, and was released digitally on April 15, 2008 by Light in the Attic Records. However, it was not until May 13 that the CD and 3xLP were released. Those who purchased the album digitally were given a code to download the album. On or after the date of release, it was to be brought back to the place of purchase in exchange for a hard copy of the album as well as a bonus four-song EP. https://bit.ly/2MjVppw

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This song was the KEXP Song of the Day on 04/21/2008.

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