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The Walk

on Japanese Whispers

by The Cure

First Played: 08/20/2007 04:36 PM
Last Played: 05/10/2022 05:09 PM
Total Plays: 43

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  • Kevin Cole : 05/10/2022 05:09 PM
    Commercial breakthrough for The Cure from 1983! https://kexp.org/50 First released as a standalone single in July 1983, this song was recorded by Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst following the end of the band's "Pornography" toir. It was produced by Steve Nye Tolhurst later commented in his memoir: "It was the first time we had worked with a 'proper' producer, as opposed to doing production with an engineer that we really liked. […] He was able to make electronic instruments sound more natural, and that's what we wanted."
  • John Richards : 12/06/2021 07:58 AM
    Released on this day in 1983! “Let’s Go to Bed” was the first in a series of three synth-driven singles that would partially revitalize the band during an otherwise prolific era for Smith. While flexi-only single “Lament” appeared a few months prior as a Cure track in name only (recorded solely with Steven Severin while the pair were demoing material as The Glove), “Let’s Go to Bed” was the first major taste of new Cure music since the otherwise dour conclusion of Pornography‘s title track. https://post-punk.com/the-cures-lets-go-to-bed-made-its-debut-35-years-ago/
  • Larry Rose : 08/17/2021 11:16 PM
    A Very (Un)happy World Goth Day - Extended! This song was one of the only song's by the band not played during the day's programming earlier.
  • Reeves : 12/06/2020 05:15 AM
    no comment
  • Kevin Cole : 04/08/2020 02:57 PM
    The Walk was recorded when the band was briefly reduced to the two founding members Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst following the departure of bassist Simon Gallup

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