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the Mask - feat. Ghostface

on The Mouse and the Mask

by Danger Doom

First Played: 10/02/2005 02:31 AM
Last Played: 02/26/2017 03:30 AM
Total Plays: 22

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  • Nate : 02/26/2017 03:30 AM
    Danger Mouse + MF Doom = DANGERDOOM
  • Troy Nelson : 12/21/2016 09:03 AM
    Yes, that was Brak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Brak is a fictional character and supervillain on the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated series Space Ghost, portrayed as a catlike alien space pirate trying to conquer the galaxy. Brak appeared alongside his twin brother Sisto in such episodes as "The Lure" and "The Looters", and was also a member of the Council of Doom (an organization of Space Ghost villains which originally consisted of Zorak, Moltar, Metallus, Creature King, Black Widow, and himself). In the 1990s the Brak character re-appeared on Cartoon Network's animated talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and then became the main character in its spin-off The Brak Show also on Cartoon Network. The last two incarnations of Brak's character changed from an evil genius supervillain into a childlike simpleton. It was confirmed in Cartoon Planet that Brak is a dunce because he suffered brain damage after being thrown into a swarm of Pirranamyte in the Space Ghost episode "The Lure".
  • Atticus : 12/16/2016 04:20 AM
    no comment
  • Reeves : 01/27/2016 10:20 AM
    DANGERDOOM is a hip hop project consisting of Danger Mouse and MF DOOM.
  • Troy Nelson : 12/12/2015 04:57 PM
    no comment

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