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No Cars Go


by Arcade Fire

First Played: 2007-02-15 15:53:09
Last Played: 2019-06-11 20:28:17
Total Plays: 321

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  • Cheryl Waters : 06/11/2019 01:28 PM
    This song about seeking a paradise in a place where there are no roads was originally part of an EP that Arcade Fire recorded in 2003. Drummer Jeremy Gara told popmatters.com why they decided to update it: "We had a new studio space and all this new gear, so we just needed to start with something that was easy for us to play so we could get used to everything else. 'No Cars Go' had changed so much on tour from how we originally recorded it. The version on the EP is cool but it's a mess, and the version we had been touring with was way more of a straight-up rock song. So there was always talk of redoing it. And now that we had more of a budget, we wanted to record it with the string arrangements that Regine had always envisioned."
  • Morgan : 05/30/2019 06:33 AM
    Cars no go. Nope.
  • John Richards : 05/16/2019 09:40 AM
    A happy birthday request to Rachel from Evan! Thank you both for tuning into The Morning Show for years, we appreciate you
  • Abbie : 05/13/2019 12:38 PM
    The song title is taken from the solo project of former Arcade Fire member Brendan Reed.
  • Abbie : 04/10/2019 01:24 AM
    Music video for No Cars Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83KR_UBWdPI

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