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Everyday Is Halloween

on Just Can't Get Enough - New Wave Halloween

by Ministry

First Played: 05/19/2017 02:31 AM
Last Played: 05/22/2020 08:46 AM
Total Plays: 19

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  • John Richards : 05/22/2020 08:46 AM
    The lines, "They say "why are you dressed like it's Halloween? You look so absurd, you look so obscene" make this one a bit of an anthem for those that fully embrace goth style
  • Troy Nelson : 03/30/2020 04:18 PM
    "(Every Day Is) Halloween" was originally released by Wax Trax! Records in 1984 as Ministry's “comeback” single following their departure from Arista Records, with "All Day" on the A-side and "(Every Day Is) Halloween" on the B-side. Track length: 6:35
  • John Richards : 01/23/2020 09:42 AM
    Once described by writer Dave Thompson as "the anthem of America's disenfranchised Gothic community." The new black is always black!
  • John Richards : 10/31/2019 08:18 AM
    "Well I live with snakes and lizards, and other things that go bump in the night, 'Cause to me everyday is Halloween, I have given up hiding and started to fight" - Single released from Ministry in 1984 and later included on the 'Twelve Inch Singles (1981–1984)' compilation
  • Kevin Cole : 10/09/2019 03:51 PM
    Happy Birthday Shawn! And happy month of Halloween!

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