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My Drug Buddy

on It's a Shame About Ray

by The Lemonheads

First Played: 07/08/2002 06:51 AM
Last Played: 04/07/2020 07:29 AM
Total Plays: 100

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  • John Richards : 04/07/2020 07:29 AM
    no comment
  • John Richards : 01/10/2020 08:26 AM
    Thank you, Owen, for this excellent request. Evan Dando said that his drug buddy was his friend Nicole, and the lyric was inspired by a night they spent together in Sydney, Australia. "That's a really good story of a night back in the day when we used to do speed," said Dando. "She was actually my friend Tom's girlfriend. I was trying to tell the story as forthright and as normal as possible, without many rhymes or anything." The female backing vocals on this song are by Juliana Hatfield, who also played bass on the album.
  • John Richards : 03/04/2019 08:38 AM
    This song features the amazing Juliana Hatfield on bass guitar, backup vocals.
  • Marco Collins : 01/26/2019 02:19 PM
  • Sean : 11/01/2018 03:24 AM

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