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10/22/2022 07:55 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Butterfly Bomber
by King Black Acid
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Daniel Riddle, the Portland, Oregon based musician, producer and master level wizard, has been creating music as King Black Acid since the late ‘80s. https://spoti.fi/3skLTcd https://kingblackacid.bandcamp.com/
10/22/2022 07:45 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
I Want Wind to Blow
by The Microphones
(8 plays) | (0 fans)

Going out to Dane in Seattle The Microphones is the name of a project that Anacortes, WA's Phil Elverum has headed since the late 90s. Its sound is best described as lo-fi "fuzz folk," ranging from drum-crashing, bass-thrashing sonic freakouts, strummy classical guitar love songs, angelic vocal choirs, and almost-whispered vocals over harmoniums and bell kits. In 2004, Elverum abandoned the "Microphones" name to begin recording as Mount Eerie. https://pwelverumandsun.bandcamp.com/album/the-glow-pt-2
10/22/2022 07:41 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
I Miss Strangers
by Death Cab for Cutie
(6 plays) | (0 fans)

Death Cab for Cutie is an American rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington, in 1997. The band is currently composed of Ben Gibbard, Nick Harmer, Dave Depper, Zac Rae, and Jason McGerr. The band was originally a solo project by Gibbard, who expanded the project into a complete group upon getting a record deal.
10/22/2022 07:36 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Delicate Creatures
by Scurvies
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

New sounds from the Seattle band. http://goodeyerecords.com/artist/scarves
10/22/2022 07:32 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Lemolo
(8 plays) | (0 fans)

Lemolo is the creative brainchild of Seattle based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Meagan Grandall. https://lemolomusic.com/
10/22/2022 07:29 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by O Bruxo
(1 play) | (0 fans)

They are self-defined as "Led Zeppelin meets Lead Belly." Shaina Shepherd, lead singer. https://bearaxe.bandcamp.com/album/last-call-ep
10/22/2022 07:23 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Tormentor
(1 play) | (0 fans)

If you're in Portland, Oregon, Terminator will be performing at the Show Bar at 8pm tonight! https://terminator69.bandcamp.com/album/placate-boring-flesh
10/22/2022 07:19 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Red Towel
by The Beakers
(6 plays) | (0 fans)

The Beakers were an art punk band from Seattle, Washington. Although the band only existed for twelve months, they were considered influential on the local underground music scene. https://thebeakers.bandcamp.com/
10/22/2022 07:17 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Pleasure Center
by Helms Alee
(7 plays) | (0 fans)

Helms Alee will be performing at Central Saloon on November 10 at 7pm! https://helmsalee.bandcamp.com/album/sleepwalking-sailors https://helmsalee.net/home
10/22/2022 07:14 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Teen Angels
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Check out the movie Slaves To The Underground! Teen Angels was an American grunge band. https://spoti.fi/3sinXpQ
10/22/2022 07:08 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Bigger And Bigger
by The Neins
(64 plays) | (0 fans)

Request from a listener in Olympia! The No-No's were an indie pop band out of Portland, Oregon.
10/22/2022 07:05 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Lost Dreams
by Tronics
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Trances will be performing tonight in Tacoma, Washington at Real Art Tacoma at 7pm! https://trancesband.bandcamp.com/album/echoes-in-tempo
10/22/2022 07:01 PM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Detective Agency
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Hailing from Seattle! https://detectiveagency.bandcamp.com/ https://discosdekirlian.bandcamp.com/album/dk28-now