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09/14/2022 01:57 PM
DJ: Evie
Jump In The Pool
by Friendly Fires
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Friendly Fires are an indie band formed in 2006 in St Albans, United Kingdom. They consist of Ed MacFarlane (vocals), Edd Gibson (guitar) and Jack Savidge (drums). This self-titled album was Friendly Fires' debut and was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize the following year.
09/14/2022 01:54 PM
DJ: Evie
by Fujiya & Miyagi
(22 plays) | (0 fans)

Despite the name, Fujiya & Miyagi are neither Japanese nor a duo. The electronic trio of singer and guitarist David Best, synth player Steve Lewis, and bassist Matt Hainsby are deeply indebted both to vintage '70s Krautrock and the '90s bands that were themselves influenced by the likes of Neu! and Kraftwerk, from Stereolab and Broadcast to Aphex Twin and the Orb....: https://ra.co/dj/fujiyamiyagi/biography This 2008 song was played on the Breaking Bad episode “Gray Matter” while Jesse Pinkman and Badger cook crystal meth for the first time together. -- "Uh (ah-ah)"...You'll want to sing along.: https://genius.com/Fujiya-and-miyagi-uh-lyrics
09/14/2022 01:48 PM
DJ: Evie

The Black Kids hail from Jacksonville, Florida and consist of Reggie Youngblood, (guitar, vocals), Ali Youngblood (keyboards, vocals), Dawn Watley (keyboards, vocals), Owen Holmes (bass) and Kevin Snow (drums). "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" is a song from their debut album, "Partie Traumatic." In this song Reggie Youngblood is mocking a girl's boyfriend with "two left feet," all the while worrying that he's nothing without his superior moves. He explained to the Guardian newspaper: "I like that about human nature. That you can think the world of yourself one moment and then the next you're a cowardly, awkward, sniveling piece of s--t. It's all there lurking and it's so random what's going to come to the forefront."
09/14/2022 01:45 PM
DJ: Evie
See Fernando
by Jenny Lewis
(9 plays) | (0 fans)

Named after a bear that Jenny Lewis' character took away and blackmailed from Betty White in an episode of "Golden Girls," the video is filmed in Los Angeles at La Placita Olvera and Chinatown.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHXwi4V3kVo -- Oh, want to see Jenny Lewis on "Golden Girls"?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa_PHuhGFgk
09/14/2022 01:43 PM
DJ: Evie
Wannabe in L.A
by Eagles of Death Metal
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Eagles of Death Metal is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1998 by best friends Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. Despite their band name, Eagles of Death Metal is not a death metal band. The story goes that a friend was introducing Josh Homme to the death metal genre. When he played a song by the Polish band Vader and made a claim that the song was within the death metal genre, Homme then referred to Vader as "The Eagles of Death Metal". After hearing this phrase, he wondered what a cross between the Eagles and a death metal band would sound like. With that, the band was born.: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/eagles-of-death-metal-mn0000165652/biography
09/14/2022 01:39 PM
DJ: Evie
Strange Times
by The Black Keys
(70 plays) | (0 fans)

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney published their fifth studio album, "Attack and Release," in April of 2008. It was the first one with the producer Danger Mouse. The first single was "Strange Times," and they performed it live on Conan O'Brien that year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh6n85dAjbA
09/14/2022 01:36 PM
DJ: Evie
Grounds For Divorce
by Elbow
(103 plays) | (4 fans)

"There’s a hole in my neighborhood Down which of late I cannot help but fall..." “Grounds for Divorce” is a somber description of the day-to-day life of an alcoholic. Its title and lyrics refer to the band’s late friend Bryan Glancy, who died in 2006 after a night of drinking heavily.: https://genius.com/Elbow-grounds-for-divorce-lyrics
09/14/2022 01:30 PM
DJ: Evie
I Love To Move In Here
by Moby
(78 plays) | (3 fans)

This track from Moby's eighth studio album in 2008 features vocals from rapper Grandmaster Caz and singer Chrissi Poland. -- Learn about Grandmaster Caz (Curtis Brown) and how his music was lifted by Sugar Hill Records": https://wapo.st/3DurPeb
09/14/2022 01:27 PM
DJ: Evie
Falcon Jab
by Ratatat
(97 plays) | (0 fans)

Ratatat, from Brooklyn, New York, is an electronic music duo: guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer driver and producer Evan Mast (E*Vax). -- "What's cool about the video for LP3 track, "Falcon Jab," is how we always felt that Ratatat was a faceless Peruvian man playing pan flute while wearing a winter cap who then transforms into a prince holding a phallic rainbow watching a bird soar. It's rad that E*Vax, one half of the group and director of the video, was reading our minds..." Psst...it's really film footage from "Jason and the Argonauts": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ohkCQp4xL0
09/14/2022 01:22 PM
DJ: Evie
'Aly, Walk With Me
by The Raveonettes
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The Raveonettes put out their third studio album, "Lust Lust Lust," in 2008. It was recorded completely by Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner with no studio musicians. They used drum machines instead of real drums, and recorded most bass and non-guitar sounds with keyboards --- Watch The Raveonettes perform this song on KEXP, from back in 2010 - broadcast at KEXP's Bumbershoot Music Lounge: https://www.youtube.com/c/kexp/search?query=The%20Raveonettes
09/14/2022 01:14 PM
DJ: Evie
We Own The Sky
by M83
(106 plays) | (0 fans)

"Morgan Kibby leads us into the first verse. Her vocals have that mysterious feel to them and her delivery is very beautiful and hypnotizing, it’s as if we’re hearing a mysterious call to us in the distance that we cannot absolutely resist to follow. The sound of her voice leads us further into the mystery and wonder when she powerfully delivers: “Because we own the sky…” Read a second-by-second breakdown of this great song from French electronic music band M83: https://medium.com/@NishSC2/we-own-the-sky-3f6da2142c14 -- Celebrating 50 years of KEXP with a journey back to 2008! https://kexp.org/50
09/14/2022 01:10 PM
DJ: Evie
Strange Overtones
by David Byrne and Brian Eno
(188 plays) | (1 fan)

Byrne and Eno have described “Strange Overtones” as a “‘song about writing a song.’” It was the first single off the album “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today,” released for free on August 4, 2008 through the album’s website. In 2008, Jon Yeo created a music video for the song featuring the art of Brian Eno.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DQyusKTAh4
09/14/2022 01:05 PM
DJ: Evie
Ion Square
by Bloc Party
(12 plays) | (0 fans)

Hello and welcome to The Afternoon Show with the fabulous Evie! It's KEXP's 50th anniversary and, each week (beginning on Wednesday), we focus on the music of a particular year of our history. Today, it's 2008! We're so glad you're here! -- Frontman Kele Okereke said that his favorite song on 2008's "Intimacy" is this song, "because it evokes a really great time in a relationship when everything was going right." Did you know that it features lyrics from E. E. Cummings' poem I Carry Your Heart with Me, which has been a favorite selection at weddings for many years? Here's the entire poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/49493/i-carry-your-heart-with-mei-carry-it-in