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09/11/2022 02:59 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Psycho Killer
by Talking Heads
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This was the first Talking Heads song. It was written in 1973 at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where David Byrne and drummer Chris Frantz had a band called The Artistics. When Byrne presented the song, he explained that he wanted a Japanese section in the bridge, but when he asked a girl who spoke the language to come up with some murderous words, she understandably freaked out. Frantz' girlfriend, Tina Weymouth, spoke French, so they had her write a French part for the bridge instead. She drew inspiration from the Norman Bates character in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Psycho." https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/talking-heads-song-psycho-killer-story/
09/11/2022 02:54 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Baby's On Fire
by Brian Eno
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From Brian Eno's debut solo album, 'Here Come the Warm Jets', released in 1973. https://brian-eno.net/
09/11/2022 02:49 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
El Jardín
by The Black Angels
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The Black Angels will release a new double album, Wilderness of Mirrors, on September 16 via Partisan Records. It's their first in five years, and the first single is the brooding, storming "El Jardin."
09/11/2022 02:45 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille

09/11/2022 02:43 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Cowboy Bepop
by Enumclaw
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Enumclaw is playing in Eugene on November 16th and Portland on November 17th. Speaking about the song, lead singer Aramis Johnson shares, "Something I've been trying to figure out these past two years is the idea of change and what that can look like and mean. At its core, change is what this song is about. If you could choose, what would you change? "There's this line in the movie Mid 90’s' and it's like 'at the end of the day you wouldn’t trade your shit for anyone else.' That's what this song is about. At the end of the day the grass is never greener on the other side." https://bit.ly/3AhJEuQ https://enumclaw6.bandcamp.com/
09/11/2022 02:39 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Book of Our Names
by Ezra Furman
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"Religion is central to Furman’s vision of a trans utopia, leading her to cram both a plea to a deity and the minutiae of daily life into any given line as she chronicles her experiences down to the exact minute they happened." https://bit.ly/3qrxKZL -- Ezra Furman chatted with Cheryl and performed four songs Live on KEXP in 2019: https://bit.ly/3B6C4Th
09/11/2022 02:33 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Under the Sun
(44 plays) | (0 fans)

"Led by the charismatic and ambitious Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV's gauzy lo-fi glide led them to becoming one of the most promising upstarts of the early 2010s. Before starting what was then known as "Dive" as his solo project in 2011, Smith was a touring guitarist with Beach Fossils and Darwin Deez, but once he'd settled into a group of like-minded musicians – guitarist Andrew Bailey, bassist Devin Ruben Perez, and drummer Colby Hewitt – Cole's dreamlike guitar-driven reflections began to become a constant presence in Brooklyn venues." Learn more about DIIV as you download "Bent (Roi's Song)," a KEXP Song of the Day from the 2016 album "Is the Is Are": https://www.kexp.org/read/2016/1/26/song-of-the-day-diiv-bent-rois-song/
09/11/2022 02:29 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Expert In A Dying Field
by The Beths
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Expert In A Dying Field will be out on September 16th! “I really do believe that love is learned over time,” explains Elizabeth Stokes in a statement. “In the course of knowing a person, you accumulate so much information: their favorite movies, how they take their tea, how to make them laugh, how that makes you feel. And when relationships between people change, or end, all that knowledge doesn’t just disappear. The phrase ‘Expert in a Dying Field’ had been floating around my head for a few years, I was glad to finally capture it when writing this tune.” https://thebethsnz.bandcamp.com/album/expert-in-a-dying-field
09/11/2022 02:26 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Option 8
by Horsegirl
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Get some tunes from Horsegirl! https://thisishorsegirl.bandcamp.com/
09/11/2022 02:22 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Meatbodies
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09/11/2022 02:18 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
My Lovely Cat!
by Deerhoof
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09/11/2022 02:12 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Drunk II
by Mannequin Pussy
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09/11/2022 02:08 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Where Do We Go from Here???
by Death
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Death is an American rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1964 by brothers Bobby (bass, vocals), David (guitar), and Dannis (drums) Hackney. The trio started out as a funk band but switched to rock after seeing a concert by The Who. -- Want to see them perform "Where Do We Go From Here???" live?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrMmlyOJawY
09/11/2022 02:04 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
Poor Little Rich Girl
by Fea
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Fea will be opening for L7 in Seattle on October 23rd at the Neptune! Tix are SOLD OUT!
09/11/2022 02:02 AM
DJ: Kennady Quille
by Surf Bort
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