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08/24/2022 02:57 AM
DJ: Abbie
I Know the End
by Phoebe Bridgers
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Phoebe Bridgers just played Marymoor Park on Tuesday & Wednesday, August 23-24. https://bit.ly/3zGZEGt Phoebe Bridgers performed live in the KEXP studio in 2018. https://youtu.be/GSZFJ2_j81w https://phoebebridgers.bandcamp.com/music https://phoebefuckingbridgers.com/
08/24/2022 02:54 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Cumulus
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Cumulus is the indie pop songwriting project of Alexandra Lockhart. New record "Something Brighter" coming out on Share It Music 10/21/22! https://cumulus.bandcamp.com/album/something-brighter
08/24/2022 02:49 AM
DJ: Abbie
by General Public
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Dave Wakeling talked about writing this song: "I used to like traveling with the trucks that carried the gear. I'd always been a big fan of that TV show Cannonball when I was a kid, and thought that the idea of American trucks was very romantic. So when we came on tour, I used to love to drive overnight with the truck drivers and talk rubbish on the CB in there. And so it was as if the trucks were driving in what's called 'the endless gray river.' And the notion was that you were driving around in there in America searching for the tenderness, whereas, of course, it's in your heart all the time. So it's like you're looking in the outside world for something that can only be discovered in yourself, because love is a verb, not a noun. That was the notion of it."
08/24/2022 02:44 AM
DJ: Abbie
Hold Me Now
by Thompson Twins
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When the band was preparing to record this song, lead vocalist Tom Bailey said that he was excited, nervous, and "almost over-prepared for it" -- He knew exactly what instruments were going on every track. It took three days to record.
08/24/2022 02:40 AM
DJ: Abbie
Voices Carry
by 'Til Tuesday
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'Til Tuesday first gained fame six months after its formation when it won Boston's WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble in 1983. Their original composition "Love in a Vacuum" (credited to all members of the group) received a fair amount of airplay on the station, and the group was eventually signed to Epic Records.[3] "Love in a Vacuum" was re-recorded for the Epic debut album, 1985's Voices Carry; however, the breakthrough song turned out to be the title track. There is debate over the subject of the inspiration for this song. One claim says that an argument between Michael Hausman and bandmate/former girlfriend Aimee Mann inspired the song's lyrics, but producer Mike Thorne disputes this and states the lyrics originally had Mann singing to another woman and that the gender was changed due to pressure from Epic Records. In his 2013 autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen made the claim that the song is based on a brief relationship he had with Mann while living in Boston. https://bit.ly/2Q7Hesd -- Watch a live version at the Ritz in 1986: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pv1UVA1M0Y
08/24/2022 02:31 AM
DJ: Abbie
I Can Change
by LCD Soundsystem
(206 plays) | (1 fan)

On LCD's third LP, James Murphy applies his knowledge of post-punk and studio craft to remake 70s art-rock in his own hyper-modern, self-aware image. https://bit.ly/3kBM9Ax In this video interview with NME, frontman James Murphy goes through the album track-by-track: https://youtu.be/29nbwH6JZoQ
08/24/2022 02:27 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Automatic
(22 plays) | (1 fan)

Change If you wanna (If you wanna) Or stay the same There's no difference in the end Did you know that this Los Angeles trio were our guest DJs on KEXP's Midnight in a Perfect World in July? Go here to see their playlist: https://bit.ly/3pPogYd Automatic released their sophomore album, "Excess," on June 24th. “It’s about spending your life making money and then spending it to fill the void created by said job,” the band’s Halle Saxon-Gaines said in a statement. “Kind of like going to LA to live your dreams,” Lola Dompé added. https://automatic-band.bandcamp.com/
08/24/2022 02:23 AM
DJ: Abbie

Just saw RBCF this past Friday and they RULED. https://rollingblackoutscoastalfever.bandcamp.com/album/endless-rooms
08/24/2022 02:20 AM
DJ: Abbie
I Want You Back
by Hoodoo Gurus
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The title Stoneage Romeos is taken from a Three Stooges short film. The Australian LP, designed by Yanni Stumbles, sported a cartoonish nod to the 1966 caveman flick One Million Years B.C., all menacing dinosaurs and Day-Glo colors,[8] whilst in America, consumers got a stylized sleeve featuring arty renditions of the giant reptiles. On the change of covers, the band's frontman Dave Faulkner would later recall, "Bad coffeetable art, very anonymous and boring. On the U.S. tour fans are bringing up the Australian copies for us to sign—they were all getting them on import! Yet at the end of the tour, A&M says to us, ‘Oh well, we don't really think the cover will affect sales at all.’ Like, when they’re right, they’re right, and when they’re wrong, they’re still right." https://bit.ly/3IYJedY
08/24/2022 02:16 AM
DJ: Abbie
99 Luftballons
by Nena
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Nena was born Gabriele Susanne Kerner. She was in a band called The Stripes before forming her own group. Nena's guitarist, Carlo Karges, got the idea for the song at a Rolling Stones concert in West Berlin. At one point during the show, the band released a bunch of balloons. Carlo watched as one of those balloons drifted over the wall into East Berlin. He imagined a radar picking up that one balloon and mistaking it for an enemy plane. Carlo wrote the lyric and Nena's keyboard player, Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, wrote the music. Here's the official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiwgOWo7mDc Celebrating 50 years of KEXP - https://www.kexp.org/50/
08/24/2022 02:11 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Sade Awele
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Vancouver BC based artist just dropped Elevating: https://lnk.to/SadeAweleElevating
08/24/2022 02:07 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Killer Mike feat. Young Thug
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New Music! Killer Mike’s first solo release in a decade and his first music not produced by El-P, his partner in Run the Jewels, since 2011. Check out the KEXP Sound & Vision conversation: https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/sound-vision/2022/7/7/killer-mike-on-run-and-the-politics-of-being-black/
08/24/2022 02:02 AM
DJ: Abbie
Rock Box
by Run-D.M.C.
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"The first video Profile Records produced, "Rock Box," was the first video RUN-DMC ever made, and it was also the first rap song to get regular rotation on MTV." More on this barrier-breaking song: https://bit.ly/3qNhe3V.