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08/19/2022 08:57 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Chromatics
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"This is a song about disillusionment, survival, and having the strength to move on. That Chromatics convey as much with such a muted palette and unassuming lyrics speaks to their understanding of pop music...": https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/17661-chromatics-shadow/ -- Go here to watch the official video for "Shadow": https://vehlinggo.com/2017/05/22/chromatics-shadow-twin-peaks/
08/19/2022 08:54 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson

I lost my Mom on August 19, 2004 due to a tragic event (car crash). I haven’t spent a day since without thinking about her. Please if you could play “The Beginning and the End” by OMD, I’d so appreciate it. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend! Jeanne in New York City, NY -- "This is where we start This now takes our hearts Away...": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl1TLzWI9Tc
08/19/2022 08:49 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Songhoy Blues
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This live set, filmed for KEXP viewers from a riverside in Bamako, Mali, features "Worry": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMPEK1YHM4w
08/19/2022 08:46 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Purple Hat
by Sofi Tukker
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Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern met in Providence, Rhode Island while attending Brown University -- According to Flood Magazine, the band relays that the inspiration behind the song came after they threw their “first Animal Talk party.” The band goes in-depth on the creation of “Purple Hat” saying “We started throwing these parties to bring back the wild and inclusive dancing vibe to the nightclub experience. Tuck was literally wearing a purple hat and a cheetah print shirt, people were climbing on top of people, it was over sold out and sweaty, our favorite people were packed in the booth, everyone was loose AF and feeling themselves. It was wild. Every Animal Talk party since then has been like that, and we wanted to capture that raw feeling in a song. If there was a song that included everything we are about, this would be the one.”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOEMsqWx4nE
08/19/2022 08:42 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Beyonce
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Yesterday, on The Afternoon Show's OG Thursday, Larry Mizzell Jr. explored the music of Beyoncé, including the self-affirming "COZY." You can stream that show for two weeks on KEXP's streaming archive: https://www.kexp.org/archive/
08/19/2022 08:39 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Show Me
by Mint Royale feat. Posdnuos
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Ahhh....the Friday song. Join KEXP at Clock-Out Lounge on Saturday, September 3rd for Fresh Off The Spaceship Live, a night of performances from Black Constellation artists Shabazz Palaces, Stas THEE Boss, JusMoni, Ya Tseen, OCnotes, Erik Blood and Porter Ray. Fresh Off The Spaceship is an eleven-part podcast from KEXP hosted by Larry Mizell Jr. and Martin Douglas that tells the story of the Black Constellation collective.: https://bit.ly/3AykOHj
08/19/2022 08:33 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Destination Unknown
by missing persons
(26 plays) | (1 fan)

Did you know that the album name "Spring Session M" is "Missing Persons" rearranged? -- Missing Persons was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, vocalist Dale Bozzio, and drummer Terry Bozzio. Dale and Terry Bozzio met while working with Frank Zappa, and they married in 1979. Cuccurullo encountered the pair while contributing to the Zappa album "Joe's Garage" (1979). -- Dale Bozzio just released an autobiography in which she talked about a marriage proposal from Prince: https://bit.ly/3AxhPih
08/19/2022 08:29 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Working Men's Club
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"Fear Fear" is Working Men's Club's sophomore album. Their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, released in summer 2020, was the sound of singer and songwriter Syd Minsky-Sargeant processing a teenage life in Todmorden in the Upper Calder Valley. He was 16 when he wrote some of those songs. -- "Circumference" was selected as a KEXP Song of the Day! Get it here: https://kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2022/5/30/working-mens-club-circumference/
08/19/2022 08:25 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Fools Gold
by The Stone Roses
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For Stephen in Dallas, Texas, who writes "My girlfriend who lives in West Seattle turned me on to KEXP during the pandemic. Keep crushing it!!!" -- Does that beat sound familiar? "Fools Gold" was built around a loop from James Brown's "Funky Drummer." It was guitarist John Squire who actually discovered the track. He recalled: "We were signing copies of our single, 'She Bangs The Drums,' in a Manchester record shop called Eastern Bloc. The owner said we could pick a couple of albums as a thank you and I picked out a breakbeats album because I liked the cover and I wanted to see what it was all about. That's where I heard the 'Funky Drummer' loop that we built 'Fools Gold' around."
08/19/2022 08:17 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Let's Do It Again
by Jamie xx
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Apart from contributing production to Tyler, The Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost cut “Rise,” Jamie xx has been quiet for the better part of the past seven years. “Let’s Do It Again” joins his one-off single release “Idontknow,” shared in early 2020, as his only two solo offerings in the years following his 2015 sophomore solo record "In Colour.": https://bit.ly/3K7oqmL -- Here's the xx performing live in the KEXP studio in 2017 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGkhlIC9wEI
08/19/2022 08:11 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Automatic
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L.A. trio Automatic will perform at Neumos on Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th! Automatic was our guest DJ on Midnight in a Perfect World in July. Go here to check out their picks: https://www.kexp.org/read/2022/7/1/midnight-in-a-perfect-world-automatic
08/19/2022 08:06 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
Bulls on Parade
by Denzel Curry
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Like this Rage Against the Machine cover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY4ywyFXdik Denzel Curry is playing with Kid Cudi tonight, Friday, August 19th, at ClimatePledge Arena.: https://bit.ly/3K3votb -- Watch Denzel Curry's live performance in the KEXP studio in April: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTnAvv4UdtA
08/19/2022 08:03 AM
DJ: Troy Nelson
by Ty Segall
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Diversion? Oh my. Will you play the Ty Segall version next? Inquiring minds want to know! (I want to know!) --Ben in Berkley -- This is Ty's cover of the previous song by The Equals. It was written by Eddy Grant.