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08/05/2022 02:50 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Ma And Pa
by Fishbone
(13 plays) | (0 fans)

Going out to Kevin in Phinney Ridge!!! ----------------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:45 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Cherub Rock
by The Smashing Pumpkins
(24 plays) | (1 fan)

Requested by Lace! ----------------------------- Charles in Naples Florida who has been an Amplifier for 2 + years says: "On April 9, 2021 I got sober and became an Amplifier. KEXP has become part of my daily recovery routine ever since. You lift me up and also allow me to cry; both are true gifts and I am so very grateful. When you say " You are loved" I believe you. Thank you for walking this path with me and You are loved." ------------------ https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:41 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Sweet Disposition
by The Temper Trap
(127 plays) | (1 fan)

Going out Ampliflier Liz! -------------------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:36 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Seattle Party
by Chastity Belt
(75 plays) | (1 fan)

For Amplifier Neil in Portland! ---------------------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:33 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Unchain My Heart
by Ray Charles
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Going out to Amplifier Kate! ------------------------ https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:21 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Spanish Town Rockin'
by Chronixx
(16 plays) | (0 fans)

Kelley in Shoreline, WA, 5+ years Amplifier says: "I amplify KEXP because it gives me a place where I can discover all kinds of music, new and old. I enjoy listening to DJs with so much music knowledge and diverse backgrounds, and the in-studios and podcasts are well worth the donor dollars. Watching this station, from when I started listening in 1997 as KCMU on UW campus, to the former location on Denny/Dexter, to its awesome home at the Seattle Center now has made me feel great knowing I’ve been a part of helping the process in whatever way I could. I have been a proud amplifier since day 1. And I hope to continue to be for as long as possible. I heart KEXP."
08/05/2022 02:18 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
In the Mirror
by The Interrupters
(1 play) | (0 fans)

For Gabe! ------------------- The Amplifiers Club started in August 2010, so that’s why we’re celebrating Amplifiers Love Day this August. https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:14 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Big Fish
by Vince Staples
(50 plays) | (0 fans)

For Rhiannon who says: "My first conversation with Larry was about Vince Staples and he got me turned onto the album. Big Fish. I would love to hear something off that album if you have time!". We have time! We love our Amplifiers!
08/05/2022 02:12 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
by Big Freedia
(11 plays) | (0 fans)

For KEXP Front Desker, Sutton! ------------------ https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:08 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
by The Roots
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

Going out to listener Brad! ----------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/ways-give/make-recurring-monthly-donation-amplifiers-club/
08/05/2022 02:04 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence
Sexual Healing
by Marvin Gaye
(8 plays) | (0 fans)

Going out to Phil in Seattle! --------------------------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/amplifiers-love-2022/
08/05/2022 02:00 PM
DJ: Lace Cadence

Going out to Mike! -------------------------------- https://www.kexp.org/donor-lounge/ways-give/make-recurring-monthly-donation-amplifiers-club/