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06/23/2022 05:58 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Halfway out the Door
by Romare
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"Turn It On!" is the title track from Romero’s debut album, and it rules. So does the second single "Halfway Out The Door," out today. The Melbourne/Naarm garage-pop combo has zeroed in on a particular scrappy, catchy, impassioned form of retro rock ‘n’ roll, one that allows singer Alanna Oliver to cut loose. In a press release, she elaborates, "I dated this guy on and off for years, who wouldn’t leave me but wouldn’t exactly love me either. ‘Halfway’ is written about him and my eventual commitment to myself." https://bit.ly/3A4dh3c
06/23/2022 05:54 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Do The Evolution
by Pearl Jam
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When speaking about "Do the Evolution," Vedder stated, "That song is all about someone who's drunk with technology, who thinks they're the controlling living being on this planet. It's another one I'm not singing as myself." Pearl Jam has stated that the novel Ishmael influenced the writing of Yield, and according to the novel's writer, Daniel Quinn, this song comes the closest to expressing the ideas of the book. Vedder stated, "This Daniel Quinn book, Ishmael... I've never recommended a book before, but I would actually, in an interview, recommend it to everyone... But this book, it's kind of the book of my... My whole year has been kind of with these thoughts in mind. And on an evolutionary level, that man has been on this planet for 3 million years, so that you have this number line that goes like this [hands wide apart]. And that we're about to celebrate the year 2000, which is this [holds hands less than one inch apart]. "So here's this number line; here's what we know and celebrate. This book is a conversation with a man and an ape. And the ape really has it all together. He kinda knows the differences between him and the man, and points out how slight they are, and it creates an easy analogy for what man has done, thinking that they were the end-all. That man is the end-all thing on this earth. That the earth was around even so much longer before the 3 million years. Fifty million years of sharks and all these living things. "Then man comes out of the muck, and 3 million years later he's standing, and now he's controlling everything and killing it. Just in the last hundred! Which is just a speck on this line. So what are we doin' here? This is just a good reminder... And I'm anxious to see what happens. You know, I've got a good seat for whatever happens next. It'll be interesting." https://bit.ly/2MjRTiJ
06/23/2022 05:50 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Stone Gossard & Ani DiFranco
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Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard teamed up with Ani DiFranco on a song supporting abortion rights called "Disorders." All of the proceeds from their song will go to a non-profit called the National Network of Abortion Funds, which is working to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. "Disorders" was recorded as a demo six years ago in New Orleans and then saxophonist Skerik "had the epiphany to ask his friend, the singer, musician, artist, and activist Ani DiFranco to add her voice and words," Gossard said. "Ani's fierce melodic independence and her visceral in-the-moment vocal performance took this track to a much higher place. I'm thrilled to have been part of this song and have had the chance to collaborate with this incredible group of artists." Skerik mentioned to Difranco that he had a track that needed lyrics and vocals and she offered to listen. DiFranco says, "I marveled that anyone could record a song that sounded so cohesive and fully realized with no melody or lyric to guide it. I felt instantly inspired and honored. I was invited to sing about whatever I wanted." DiFranco goes on to say "With the imminent overturning of Roe v. Wade, women in every Republican stronghold in this country are left treading in a sea of unnecessary suffering, just trying to keep their heads above water. Poor women will be drowned by the score." This is the reason why the song is a fundraiser for abortion access "to help women who don't have resources but who desperately need abortions" the singer continued. https://bit.ly/3tXsNdr
06/23/2022 05:43 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Fried Soul
by Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
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DLO3 will be back in Seattle playing at Jazz Alley on Thursday-Sunday, May 12-15. https://bit.ly/3NlAvEW "Fried Soul" is the B side to "Cold As Weiss" 7'' released in February, 2022! “‘Fried Soul’ takes you back to a time of the juke joints, when those steamy grooves made you want to shake your shimmy,” Delvon Lamarr said in a statement. https://bit.ly/3jFGKqS
06/23/2022 05:40 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
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Step Down, the ensemble's fourth album, is a direct reflection of the heavy times they were written and recorded in. Covid-19, two Presidential impeachment trials, the George Floyd murder and resulting social unrest, a seditious attempt to subvert the democratic process at The Capitol… With titles like Step Down, The Other Side, Time To Rebuild, Omnificent, Love Age, and In Common, SFSE uses their music to beautifully paint a picture of societal woes, but also points toward the solution and a better world. Heavy Cinematic Soul, spiritual Jazz-Funk, upbeat Afro-Funk, and deeply introspective rare-groove cuts lace this ten-track transmission vessel. SFSE is deeply defined by the sum of their influences, but always have their eye focused beyond the horizon as well. https://bit.ly/3xSDkrk
06/23/2022 05:37 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Funky Days Are Back Again
by Cornershop
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When I Was Born for the 7th Time was recorded over a period of approximately two months. Singer and guitarist Tjinder Singh described the recording process as "very intense. There was a lot of smoking going on, it was a very relaxed time, and very enjoyable all the way through. At the end, our engineer had to go for medical assistance. He got freaked out. He smoked so much and then he stopped and he went loopy. He was on medication. His body couldn't take it." https://bit.ly/3HQm4aJ
06/23/2022 05:33 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Better Now
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ODESZA have already sold out 3 nights at Climate Pledge Arena on July 29-31 ODESZA said it was tough to find the right vocalist for this track: "It's funny because we tried so many different collaborations with vocalists in varying genres to try to find the right fit for this song when we first made it, but for whatever reason, nothing felt right. We've been big fans of MARO's and when we sent her a short handful of demos, this was the one she resonated with and we knew she was going to do something really special with it." Mariana Brito da Cruz Forjaz Secca, known professionally as Maro, is a Portuguese singer and songwriter. https://bit.ly/3ulJkZ1
06/23/2022 05:30 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Poppy Ajudha
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Ajudha has shared, "Abortion is still illegal in many countries around the world and is shamed in even more. I wrote this song when a group of men tried to pass an anti abortion bill in the state of Alabama, America. I was angry at how in every corner of culture and society across every inch of the earth, men try to play God, again and again. But I am amazed at how humans are built with so much resistance and resilience for good when we know something is wrong and will always fight against it. This song is an act of resistance to those who try to control that which is not theirs to be in control of." https://bit.ly/3PhK0Hx Catch her accompanying video here: https://bit.ly/3l3unpd
06/23/2022 05:25 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by 070 Shake
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Defining love at the moment of working on and releasing her album, 070 Shake, aka Danielle Balbuena, responds, "I always say, love is like carbon. It’s the base of everything… You can find love in all things. To me, it’s God, you know? And it is the same way I feel about God — finding God in all things. That’s how I feel about love. There’s even love in hate. That’s how powerful love is." Asked about what makes this album special to her, Balbuena replies, "I’ve never heard anything like it. That’s the purpose for me — I wasn’t trying to do something that people already know. I understand the sacrifice of making something new. People might not understand it at first, which is fine for me, because the purpose of it is the fact that there is nothing like it. It’s just doing something different with music. I’m not doing it for numbers. "I’m fine living how I live, being minimal, not living above my means… I come from a place where I didn’t even know that Hollywood was a real place. I’m very grateful, and I don’t need too much. I want exactly what I need. With that, I’ma always be good. I’ll never fail." https://bit.ly/3QCwJKe
06/23/2022 05:18 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

An alternate take on the Replacement’s classic from their album Pleased to Meet Me. Originally recorded as an outtake for the album Tim, it was eventually released in 1997 as a track on the compilation All for Nothing / Nothing for All. https://bit.ly/3NbXDG5 This is the Tim Version.
06/23/2022 05:15 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Walked in Line
by Joy Division
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The "Still" version of 'Walked In Line' originates from the Strawberry Studio sessions in April 1979, but due to lack of studio time, as well as this song not being among the 10 tracks chosen to be included on "Unknown Pleasures", it was left unfinished. When Factory in 1981 decided to release the unissued JD studio material on the posthumous "Still" double album some or all of the remaining JD-members went into the studio with Martin Hannett to put the finishing touches on the tracks that were left unfinished, 'Walked In Line' being one of these tracks. The box-set version of WIL is the original raw mix of the song, as recorded in '79. The version on "Still" has some extra guitar and added production from Hannett. https://bit.ly/3Oxs8am
06/23/2022 05:12 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Body Type
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Body Type are a Sydney-based four-piece who make scuzz/rock, and "Buoyancy" has been described by vocalist-bassist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums as "a personal reminder that when certain things are rendered uncertain, those you love are an eternal rudder." https://bit.ly/3u7LJoV https://youtu.be/0_ZXoyzlh1Y The debut album from Body Type is out May 20. https://bodytypemusic.bandcamp.com/
06/23/2022 05:10 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Beverly Crusher
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Formed in 2014, Seattle, WA acid punks Beverly Crusher has shared a new single, "Scab," which will appear on a new album, Waste of Waves. The album will release on August 12 via Freakout Records. "'Scab' dances around the idea of mortality and the monotony of building yourself back after having a stroke which frontman Cozell Wilson suffered in 2017," share the band. "Wilson wrote this on the bass originally while rebuilding dexterity and eventually shopped it to bassist Max Stiles. They sat in the practice space for a part of an hour running the same bass line before they finally had something and Wilson found the wild guitar line that rips on the chorus. It wasn't until doing vocals at Pierced Ears Studio that the anthem like chorus chant 'Waste of Waves' came out of nowhere and finally put direction on the album.'" https://bit.ly/3tXD1dN
06/23/2022 05:07 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Don't Press Me
by Dry Cleaning
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On “Don’t Press Me,” Dry Cleaning’s first new song in a year and the introductory single to Stumpwork, their just-announced follow-up to New Long Leg, frontwoman Florence Shaw is *almost* singing. A busy little riff pile-drives away in the background, sounding less like the rhythmic spine to a rock song and more like a printer processing someone’s forgotten 300-page document. In front of it, Shaw murmurs dispatches from her perpetual land of unfeeling; "Just don’t touch my gaming mouse" is the two-minute song’s only legible sentiment. It’s a testament to Shaw’s flat anti-charisma and her chemistry with the band that she continues to make anomie this catchy, appealing, and funny. https://bit.ly/3zVRDOF
06/23/2022 05:04 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Beabadobee
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Following the release of "Lovesong," "See You Soon," and "Talk," Beabadoobee has unveiled a fourth outing from the record titled "10:36." "'10:36' was written after Fake It Flowers and just before Our Extended Play, and I had envisioned it to be on that EP, but I was just sitting on that riff for ages and then I properly made a demo during lockdown," Beabadoobee said. "It was called '10:36' because that was the time I finished writing it. It’s basically about how I have this weird dependency on human contact to sleep." https://bit.ly/3blG0WX