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04/20/2022 04:57 AM
DJ: Abbie
Touch Me in the Morning
by Diana Ross
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The track was recorded in the early morning hours, as was her custom after she began raising her children. In a Barbara Walters Mother's Day interview special, her second-oldest daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, said Diana would put them to bed and record all night, in order to wake her children and send them to school the next morning.
04/20/2022 04:52 AM
DJ: Abbie
Ballroom Blitz
by The Sweet
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On Top of the Pops in 1973: https://youtu.be/z_jdiU47bFA ; the song was inspired by a particularly nasty show in Scotland when the band was rioted right off the stage: https://dangerousminds.net/comments/art_from_chaos_sweet_ballroom_blitz
04/20/2022 04:48 AM
DJ: Abbie
Looking High
by Foals
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NEW MUSIC from Foals! ‘Looking High’, Philippakis explains, “is looking back to a more hedonistic time in my life, and a more innocent time in society in general, pre-pandemic and before the existential threat of climate change... we wanted to refocus and do something that shared a DNA throughout the songs: a physicality, a danceability, and with energy and joyousness,” Yannis Philippakis said in a statement. https://bit.ly/3j8c80X https://lifeisyours.foals.co.uk/
04/20/2022 04:44 AM
DJ: Abbie
Dive (radio edit)
by Tycho
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04/20/2022 04:40 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Monét Ngo
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Schoolteacher by day, searing pop-punk wunderkind by night, Vietnamese-American artist Monét Ngo is a man of many talents. His debut single "Lonestar" showcases more than a few of those talents, on an inspiring coming-of-age alternative ballad about dealing with loneliness and anxiety. "'Lonestar' was written at one of the lowest points in my life. It was a time where I was feeling a lot of social anxiety amongst my peers and I was dwelling on past mistakes and conversations," Ngo relates, "I was at a turning point in my life where I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do next with my future. Should I follow the safe route and pursue teaching, or should I work even harder to pursue my dream with music. The aggressive tone of the song sets the tone for me trying to come to terms with all these sources of anxiety within my life."
04/20/2022 04:36 AM
DJ: Abbie

Have you seen this perfect movie yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxN1T1uxQ2g When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, an unlikely hero must channel her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers from the multiverse as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
04/20/2022 04:30 AM
DJ: Abbie
Dream State
by Son Lux
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This track is cinematic excellence and it's no wonder the Ryan Lott fronted project could make the perfect score for Everything Everywhere All At Once https://www.slashfilm.com/826224/everything-everywhere-all-at-once-composers-son-lux-on-their-epic-49-track-score-interview/
04/20/2022 04:25 AM
DJ: Abbie
Downhill Lullaby
by Sky Ferreira
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Okay so this new album may actually come out this year: https://www.lofficielusa.com/music/everything-we-know-about-sky-ferreira-new-album-masochism-release-date
04/20/2022 04:20 AM
DJ: Abbie
by Zola Jesus
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“‘Desire’ was written in one sitting at my piano at home,” Danilova said in a statement. “The song was an exorcism for my pain and lack of closure around heartbreak. Sometimes songs are written simply for the cathartic effect of playing them. This is one of those songs. Performing it feels like the most tangible way to experience that closure for myself. Some days I would sit at home playing this song over and over on my piano, just to provide myself that sense of control over what I was feeling. I recorded the song at the studio in one take, and also got video while I was there to document the memory of the performance. The footage of that day is the core of the video for ‘Desire.'” https://youtu.be/hYH2ARo7DPY
04/20/2022 04:13 AM
DJ: Abbie
What Happens to People?
by Deerhunter
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What happens to people? Their lives up in arms What happens to people? They quit holding on
04/20/2022 04:10 AM
DJ: Abbie
She Splits Me Up
by Crocodiles
(33 plays) | (1 fan)

Crocodiles are a noise pop/indie pop band from San Diego, California, US. The group was formed in 2008 by core members Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell
04/20/2022 04:06 AM
DJ: Abbie
Crocodile Rock
by Elton John
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This was the first of two albums Elton John released in 1973 -- both recorded at Strawberry Studios in the Château d'Hérouville in France, pulling together multiple members of the team from 1972's "Honky Chateau". In May 2021, Elton John told NME that he hoped to never sing this song again: https://tinyurl.com/23nzc8dt
04/20/2022 04:02 AM
DJ: Abbie
King of Sweden
by Future Islands
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Future Islands will be playing at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on May 12-13. https://bit.ly/3u6vLeN Future Islands shared songs recorded live exclusively for KEXP and chatted with DJ Morgan from 2020 -- https://youtu.be/AdXmVGD7JYQ https://futureislands.bandcamp.com/track/king-of-sweden