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03/31/2022 08:58 AM
DJ: John Richards
Born This Way
by Orville Peck
(20 plays) | (1 fan)

Good morning, Your set is so great and it would have been note perfect for my late friend Alicia. I remember messaging with you when she died and you were so supportive. Her struggle to be seen as who she was and not who everyone else needed her to be was likely also impacted by being a bit older. She LOVED the FOO like crazy, so I hope she's hanging with Taylor. Could you play Born This Way by Orville Peck. She didn't live long enough to hear Orville but I know we would have been enjoying that music together too. She closed every communication with I am now and always shall be your friend and she will forever be mine. Thanks and much love and peace to you!! -- -Thank you, Christine ============ Thank you Christine. ----- Orville Peck is playing Showbox SoDo Sunday June 12. https://bit.ly/3JX85Ap
03/31/2022 08:53 AM
DJ: John Richards
The Devil I Know
by Suki Waterhouse
(1 play) | (0 fans)

“Devil I Know,” off the upcoming debut album, I Can’t Let Go, will be released Friday, April 22nd via Sub Pop Records. https://sukiwaterhouse.bandcamp.com/ ”Devil I Know” is about the twisted pleasures of going back to someone who you’re addicted to & the joy you feel in that moment of breaking your own promises,” Suki says about the track. “It’s a beautiful and sad song about being constrained to a relationship that may not be the most healthy.” https://www.subpop.com/news/2022/03/14/suki_waterhouse_releases_new_video_for_single_devil_i_know
03/31/2022 08:50 AM
DJ: John Richards
by Mazzy Star
(77 plays) | (0 fans)

Kurt Cobain listed She Hangs Brightly in his top fifty albums of all time. Here is the entire handwritten list: https://bit.ly/3rJq97z
03/31/2022 08:45 AM
DJ: John Richards
The Roving
by Bonny Light Horseman
(35 plays) | (0 fans)

Great to have you back John - glad you are feeling better
03/31/2022 08:41 AM
DJ: John Richards
the luckiest
by Ben Folds
(3 plays) | (0 fans)

Good morning, John! We love you and thank you for continued motivation! In 2016 I shared my wife Heidi's cancer journey with you, and you graciously shared our story on the air. In recent months her cancer has returned more aggressively, disrupting her mobility, but never her spirit. Always a fighter, even in the face of difficult news. Heidi passed Wednesday of last week. She was an amazing, strong, intelligent woman who always faced problems head on. She loved life and loved her family with everything she had! She was also slightly addicted to the Seahawks, and being a mom to our 15 year old daughter. If you have time, can you please throw on *The Luckiest* by Ben Folds. It was our wedding song, and will likely play again at her memorial. I truly consider myself the Luckiest. We built an amazing life together, and although I'm more than heartbroken and hurting, I'm so thankful for the time we had. Mike in Shoreline =========== You are not alone Mike.
03/31/2022 08:35 AM
DJ: John Richards
It's My Life
by Talk Talk
(113 plays) | (2 fans)

It's his life indeed. Talk Talk was fronted by Mark Hollis and signed to EMI in 1981. The label sent them on tour with another one of their acts, Duran Duran, and commissioned a slick video for their single "Talk Talk." Both bands had a new-wave synthesizer sound, but that was about all they had in common. Hollis did the required promotion but didn't enjoy it - interviews were clearly a work obligation. Musically, he was not going to be swayed by popular taste or record company pressure, and for the second Talk Talk album, which didn't appear until two years later, he included "It's My Life," a manifesto of sorts where he asserts his independence. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/talk-talk/its-my-life
03/31/2022 08:29 AM
DJ: John Richards
Bring It On
by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
(95 plays) | (0 fans)

Nocturama is the twelfth studio album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was recorded in one week during an Australian tour in March 2002, and reunited Nick Cave and guitarist Mick Harvey with producer Nick Launay, who had worked with their previous band The Birthday Party twenty-one years earlier. Launay noted: "I'll never forget the first day recording Nocturama... As soon as Nick walks in and sits at the piano, you're recording. The intensity is unlike any other band."
03/31/2022 08:25 AM
DJ: John Richards
Leave Me Alone
by New Order
(73 plays) | (0 fans)

Listen to Thurston Moore's 2019 haunting cover of New Order's "Leave Me Alone." Moore explained that he chose “Leave Me Alone” because he was amazed that New Order released such a “life-affirming song” after dealing with the suicide of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXJnKf4bBEU
03/31/2022 08:18 AM
DJ: John Richards
Half Asleep
by School of Seven Bells
(266 plays) | (1 fan)

Off the debut album from School of Seven Bells, originally formed by Benjamin Curtis, and twin sisters Claudia and Alejandra Deheza. Claudia left the group after touring for their second album, and Curtis passed away from lymphoma in 2013. Watch School of Seven Bells performing this one live at KEXP in 2009 here: https://youtu.be/rGqtKd62Prc
03/31/2022 08:14 AM
DJ: John Richards
Lights On
by Hatchie
(7 plays) | (0 fans)

Hatchie will be playing Neumos with Caroline Loveglow on May 21st! https://bit.ly/3JUSLDJ You can check out Hatchie's 2019 KEXP in-studio here: https://bit.ly/3BKxyIc
03/31/2022 08:10 AM
DJ: John Richards
by Warpaint
(43 plays) | (0 fans)

LA indie rock act Warpaint's fourth studio album (their first in nearly six years) will be out on May 6th. You can pre-order 'Radiate Like This' here: https://www.warpaintwarpaint.com/. The first single "Champion" is about “being a champion to oneself and for others,” the band said in a press release. “We are all in this together, life is too short not to strive for excellence in all that we do.” https://bit.ly/3iKxAJ2 Here's Live Video from Warpaint's 2016 KEXP In-Studio, hosted by Cheryl Waters: https://youtu.be/z0JqmAbe0jw.
03/31/2022 08:02 AM
DJ: John Richards
by Massive Attack
(184 plays) | (0 fans)

After the departure of their vocalist Shara Nelson, the Massive Attack trio concluded they could never replace her, so they chose to bring a new diversity to their sound with a selection of rotating guest vocalists. For their sophomore album's title track and lead single they recruited Everything but the Girl's Tracey Thorn, who penned the haunting love song's lyrics. Tracy Thorn had competing feelings after she received the tape of this song's backing track. She recalled to Mojo in 2016 her thinking at the time: "'On their one hand, 'I don't understand this at all.' On the other hand, 'I understand this completely. This is minimalism. I do minimalism. I get it.' And yet, it was being done in such a different format. I had to listen to it maybe ten times with complete bewilderment before I suddenly went, 'I know how to do this.'" https://bit.ly/3IvcBVH http://www.massiveattack.co.uk/