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03/17/2022 05:57 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Alina Pash
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Music from Ukraine. Alina Pash is a 100% Bitanga (Ruthenian dialect for 'hooligan') who breaks the system of old stereotypes. Her authentic style is a mix of electronic music, hip hop, pop and ethnic folk. Born in a small Ukrainian village, Alina Pash was brought up on the basis of archaic Carpathian traditions, which formed her as an independent spirit, with deep roots in the motherland. https://bit.ly/3Kemt6V "Bosorkanya" was a KEXP Song of the Day in December 2019. Read more about this track and Pash here: https://bit.ly/3pA5qVa
03/17/2022 05:51 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

The origin of the name Macklemore is from when Haggerty attended Nathan Hale High School and was required to invent a superhero for an art project. At the beginning of his musical career, he recorded an EP titled Open Your Eyes in 2000 under the name Professor Macklemore, which he distributed himself. This initial work of his was also considered a mixtape, as some of the songs on this EP were written separately. His only official mixtape, The Unplanned Mixtape, released in 2009, consisted of ten songs. Macklemore dropped "Professor" from his name, and released his first official full-length album, The Language of My World in January 2005. https://bit.ly/3whgDy4
03/17/2022 05:49 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Do Or Die
by Dropkick Murphys
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Released in 1998, Do or Die is the first studio album released by Boston's Irish-American punk band, Dropkick Murphys. This is the only album that featured original lead vocalist Mike McColgan, who went on to become a fireman before forming his own band, the Street Dogs. https://bit.ly/3ihOuyx Dropkick Murphys are livestreaming a St. Patrick's Day concert from House of Blues Boston tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST, with proceeds going to their charitable foundation, The Claddagh Fund, to support its work with Veterans, Children, and Addiction Recovery. More info here: https://bit.ly/3IjvURm
03/17/2022 05:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Cadence To Arms
by Dropkick Murphys
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03/17/2022 05:43 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
I'll Make You See God
by The Afghan Whigs
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The Afghan Whigs are back with a new single, "I’ll Make You See God," their first track in five years since the release of In Spades. It’s also the first song the band has released since their guitarist Dave Rosser passed away in 2017. Since then, band leader Greg Dulli released a solo album that was written while processing his death. Dulli describes it as "one of the hardest rock songs we’ve ever done" and that "it was written and performed on sheer adrenalin." The song will also be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Playstation game Gran Turismo 7. https://bit.ly/3pedV88
03/17/2022 05:39 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
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IDLES performed live in the KEXP studio in November 2021. Watch this fun session, including "Meds," here: https://bit.ly/3qbN9xC Frontman Joe Talbot says, "We want people who’ve gone through trauma, heartbreak, and loss to feel like they’re not alone, and also how it is possible to reclaim joy from those experiences." "I don't really see us as a 'rock band' and working with Kenny [Beats] freed us of the idea of genre," Talbot enthuses. "On this album, our dissolution of ego was helped by Kenny’s humble nature and willingness to learn. He has boundless passion for making the best song possible. Not the best 'rock' song — the best song possible. It was writing selfishly that helped make it possible. Reflecting. Telling my own story. Not trying to tell everyone else's story. Not trying to fix the world — just talking about how I am fixing mine." https://bit.ly/3JnZBBU
03/17/2022 05:36 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
The Hardest Cut
by Spoon
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This album, co-produced with Mark Rankin, was crafted in Austin, Texas, where the quintet has been based for over 10 years. "It’s the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton," said frontman Britt Daniel. "I spent a lot of 2018 and 2019 listening to ZZ Top." https://bit.ly/3Jo5qPY
03/17/2022 05:28 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Joan As Police Woman, the project of Joan Wasser, wrote and recorded this album with the late Tony Allen and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu. The Solution is Restless is the ninth studio album by Wasser under her long-running project. It is also one of the final studio recordings of Allen, who died in April 2020. Joan says: "Damon Albarn introduced me to Afrobeat legend, Tony Allen, at the Africa Express event 'The Circus' in London in 2019. Tony and I played Nina Simone's "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free" and made a pact to record together in the future. In November of that year, our pact was realised. My old friend and fierce musician Dave Okumu joined Tony and me in a Parisian studio, where we improvised, untethered by form or tempo." https://bit.ly/3KRePzN
03/17/2022 05:23 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
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The twenty-six-year-old singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya tends to make music that indulges her worst impulses. Yanya has a singular voice—a disarming rasp that turns every note into a smoldering ember—and her restless pop-rock songs circle her feelings of emptiness and inadequacy. Born to a Barbadian-Irish mother and a Turkish father, both visual artists, Yanya found the beginnings of her unusual rock sound as an adolescent. She cites bands from the early-to-mid-aughts, such as the Strokes and the Libertines, as formative influences, thanks to an iPod loaded with music from her older sister’s library. She was immediately drawn to guitar sounds, from bratty white-boy skate punk to more full-fledged acts, like the Cure and Pixies. She started learning guitar at twelve, took lessons from the Invisible’s Dave Okumu while attending school, and eventually recorded her first songs in her uncle’s studio. Yanya has said that, when she started singing, she avoided sounding like a girl because she “didn’t want to make it pretty.” When she heard Amy Winehouse’s album “Frank” for the first time, she realized she’d only been restricting herself. https://bit.ly/3N01ZBb
03/17/2022 05:17 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Lyrically, the song is about personal tribulations amid the oppression of the world around her, while she sings: "I will live by my own policies/I will sleep with a clear conscience." https://bit.ly/3JkYl2E When O'Connor's 17-year-old son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, was laid to rest earlier this year, friends and family comforted the singer and Shane’s dad, folk musician Donal Lunny, as Shane O'Connor was remembered at a private Hindu funeral service held at Newlands Cross Cemetery and Crematorium in West Dublin on Saturday, January 15. O’Connor, who wore a pink tracksuit and green scarf for the service, after requesting mourners wear bright colors in Shane’s honor, later confirmed via Twitter that she had put cigarettes in her son’s coffin “in case there’s none in heaven”: https://bit.ly/3Kn23d2
03/17/2022 05:14 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Sinéad O'Connor
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Celebrating 50 years of KEXP/KCMU, with a special focus on 1992 this week! Live on SNL, 1992 In 1992, Sinead O’Connor was the musical guest on Saturday Night Life. She sang an a capella version of Bob Marley’s "War," but changed some of the lyrics to be about the plight of abused children. At the end of the song, she held up a photo of Pope John Paul II, ripped it up, threw the pieces at the camera, and said, "Fight the real enemy." O’Connor explained, “In the schools, the priests have been beating the shit out of the children for years and sexually abusing them. This is the example that’s been set for the people of Ireland. They have been controlled by the church, the very people who authorized what was done to them, who gave permission for what was done to them.” Sinead O’Connor suffered a harsh backlash for her action from Americans who were not aware of the abuse and cover-ups of the Catholic church. In looking back on the incident a decade later, O’Connor noted, "It’s very understandable that the American people did not know what I was going on about, but outside of America, people did really know and it was quite supported and I think very well understood." You can watch that iconic, important performance here: https://bit.ly/3IeYN13
03/17/2022 05:09 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole

Celebrating 50 years of KEXP/KCMU, with a special focus on 1992 this week! This track features Sinéad O'Connor on backup vocals, and the album was a shortlisted nominee for the 1992 Mercury Prize.
03/17/2022 05:05 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Sharon Van Etten
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Van Etten produced "Porta," which features contributions from synthesizer player Daniel Knowles, drummer Jorge Balbi, guitarist Charley Damski, and bassist Devin Hoff. "'Porta' was written at one of my lowest lows. For most of my adult life I have struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety and coping mechanisms, and I sometimes let those dark moments get the best of me. During this time I felt very dissociated. Not connected to my body and I felt out of control." Van Etten continues that "Porta" was inspired by her process of building a friendship and physical fitness routine with a friend and Pilates trainer: "Instead of the darkness. Instead of fears. My message is to work through them. Even when it’s hard. Even when it hurts. Reach out. Reach out to that friend who helps you reach out towards yourself." https://bit.ly/35pno5g
03/17/2022 05:01 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Tori Amos
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Celebrating 50 years of KEXP/KCMU, with a special focus on 1992 this week! From the debut studio album Little Earthquakes, this song grew out of Amos' inner frustration with not being able to express herself. https://bit.ly/3CUJLfJ Amos was one of several female artists who combined the stark, lyrical attack of '90s alternative rock with a distinctly '70s musical approach, creating music that fell between the orchestrated meditations of Kate Bush and the stripped-down poetics of Joni Mitchell. https://bit.ly/37tbBUD