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02/21/2022 11:55 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Flower of Sex
by Merchandise
(108 plays) | (2 fans)

Merchandise performed live in the KEXP studio in 2017, hosted by Cheryl Waters: https://bit.ly/3BHx07Q. Their second album on 4AD, Merchandise have stripped back to the core of Carson Cox (vocals, electronics), Dave Vassalotti (guitar, electronics) and Pat Brady (bass) to make ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’. "The trio travelled to Rosà, Italy to start proceedings, recording half in a studio there and the rest at home, in Tampa as well as in Cox’s newly adopted bases of New York and Berlin." https://bit.ly/3wL7vyJ
02/21/2022 11:49 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Indigo Is Blue
by Catherine Wheel
(47 plays) | (1 fan)

See hand-held video of Catherine Wheel performing "Indigo is Blue" live in 1992: https://bit.ly/3BBJCNI.
02/21/2022 11:43 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Kelly Lee Owens
(46 plays) | (0 fans)

Kelly Lee Owens performed an absolutely gorgeous live set in the KEXP studio in July 2018 (hosted by Cheryl Waters). Check out the Live Video here: https://bit.ly/3kohJBC. 'Inner Song' is the Welsh-born, London-based producer, songwriter and vocalist's first album since her 2017 self-titled debut. In between the two albums, Owens said she did the “nitty gritty, dark, shitty work” of finding herself again, saying “I'm cautious [now], and that can be deemed a negative thing, But it’s just in the sense that I know myself, and know my worth.” https://bit.ly/3sKeLc6 https://kellyleeowens.bandcamp.com/
02/21/2022 11:40 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Le Mans
(31 plays) | (0 fans)

Were you lucky enough to see Ela Minus last night at the Showbox? Ela Minus is the alias of Colombian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Gabriela Jimeno. Citing Kraftwerk, Fugazi, and Daft Punk as early inspirations, her music is a bold fusion of techno, electro-pop, and ambient music with a political bent and a passionate punk spirit. https://elaminus.bandcamp.com/ Check out Live Video from Ela Minus' Live on KEXP at Home session from December 2020, hosted by DJ Albina Cabrera: https://bit.ly/3C5YGCa.
02/21/2022 11:36 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Hurray for the Riff Raff
(3 plays) | (0 fans)

Playing a sold out show Friday, April 1st at The Tractor. Even if you can't make it to the show, enjoy Live Video from the band's 2017 KEXP In-Studio: https://bit.ly/36wyaaH. http://www.hurrayfortheriffraff.com/
02/21/2022 11:32 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Pinback
(6 plays) | (0 fans)

Formed in 1998 in San Diego, CA. From allmusic's Nate Cavalieri: "While a rotating cast of instrumentalists finds loose assembly under the Pinback name, the partnership of Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow is at the heart of the some of the most complex, postmodern indie pop happening on the West Coast." https://www.allmusic.com/artist/pinback-mn0000343455
02/21/2022 11:28 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Pinback
(38 plays) | (0 fans)

Here's Live Video from Pinback's 2013 KEXP In-Studio: https://bit.ly/33DYGhh.
02/21/2022 11:22 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
stay close
by Dolorean
(51 plays) | (0 fans)

Live Video from Delorean's 2014 KEXP In-Studio, hosted by Cheryl Waters: https://bit.ly/3p5iYHY. Delorean formed in 2000, in Zarautz, Basque Country, Spain. https://myspace.com/delorean
02/21/2022 11:18 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Summer Holiday
by Wild Nothing
(54 plays) | (0 fans)

Live Video from Wild Nothing's 2018 KEXP In-Studio: https://bit.ly/33IrOE8. "Ask Jack Tatum what ‘Wild Nothing’ means and he’ll answer: ‘a contradiction’. In 2010, 21 year old Tatum released one of the finest cult pop records of the summer whilst ensconced in his senior year of college in Blacksburg, VA, a small mid-atlantic town better known for producing football fans and engineers than musicians. Tatum lives in contradictions." https://wildnothingct.bandcamp.com/album/gemini https://wildnothingmusic.com/
02/21/2022 11:14 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
by Beach Fossils
(32 plays) | (0 fans)

Enjoy Live Video from Beach Fossils' 2017 KEXP In-Studio: https://bit.ly/3BFhoBF. "Brooklyn indie pop band Beach Fossils formed in 2009 as a vehicle for the solo recordings of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dustin Payseur. Beach Fossils' debut self-titled album was released on Captured Tracks in 2010 and was met with critical acclaim." https://www.beachfossils.com/
02/21/2022 11:10 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
Cherry Hearts
by The Shins
(31 plays) | (0 fans)

Happy Mercer Monday! Here's Live Video from James Mercer of The Shins' 2012 KEXP In-Studio, hosted by Cheryl Waters: https://bit.ly/37GyVLb. https://www.theshins.com/
02/21/2022 11:05 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
This Fractured Mind
by Nation of Language
(79 plays) | (0 fans)

Nation of Language will be back in Seattle, playing The Crocodile on Thursday, March 24th, perhaps because this is your #4 favorite record of 2021! https://www.kexp.org/top-903-albums-2021/ Watch Live Video Nation of Language's KEXP In-Studio from October 2021: https://bit.ly/3pQfKtd. https://www.nationoflanguage.com/
02/21/2022 11:02 AM
DJ: Cheryl Waters
You're My Best Friend
by Queen
(21 plays) | (0 fans)

Bassist John Deacon wrote this track about his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff -- the track was played live multiple times in the late 1970s through 1980, and was not played live again until after Freddie Mercury's death: https://tinyurl.com/ycyavtf6. https://www.queenonline.com/