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02/13/2022 04:58 PM
DJ: Evie
by Bonobo
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Bonobo is playing LIVE in the KEXP studio on Tuesday, March 22 at 10:30 AM. This session is NOT open to the public, so be sure to tune in. Bonobo is playing with Jordan Rakei that night, Tuesday, March 22, at Showbox SoDo. https://bit.ly/3fJhe1T
02/13/2022 04:52 PM
DJ: Evie
From Here To Eternity
by Georgia
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Celebrating some of Evie's favorites from 1977! https://kexp.org/50 Giovanni Giorgio Moroder is an Italian composer, songwriter, and record producer. Dubbed the "Father of Disco", Moroder is credited with pioneering euro disco and electronic dance music. His work with synthesizers had a large influence on several music genres such as Hi-NRG, Italo disco, new wave, house and techno music. When in Munich in the 1970s, Moroder started his own record label called Oasis Records, which several years later became a subdivision of Casablanca Records. He is the founder of the former Musicland Studios in Munich, a recording studio used by many artists including The Rolling Stones, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen and Elton John. He produced singles for Donna Summer during the mid-to-late 1970s disco era, including "Love to Love You Baby", "I Feel Love", "Last Dance", "MacArthur Park", and "Hot Stuff." -- https://bit.ly/3BuUT1R
02/13/2022 04:49 PM
DJ: Evie
Looking Backward
by Melody's Echo Chamber
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NEW MUSIC from Melody's Echo Chamber - Emotional Eternal will be out April 29th! Pre-order it here, all the kids are doing it! https://melodysechochamber.bandcamp.com/album/emotional-eternal “I hope the record has that uplifting quality,” Prochet said in a press release. “I wanted to be more grounded and mindful through the process. I guided the sessions with simplicity—a contrast with the maximalism of [2018’s] Bon Voyage and the wilderness of my delusions. I made some big and impactful decisions and changes to my life. It took me to where it is peaceful, and I think the record reflects this. It’s more direct.” The video for this track was directed and animated by Hyoyon Paik and it's stunning! https://youtu.be/83R6r2xILx8
02/13/2022 04:44 PM
DJ: Evie
She's So High
by Blur
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About the video, drummer Dave Rowntree recalled, "The head of our record company, David Balfe, wanted to try his hand at video directing. There were these neon rings suspended from the ceiling by three wires, each with someone holding a wire. He [Balfe] wanted these people to wobble the wires so that the neon rings would move. He kept shouting, 'I haven't seen the definitive wobble yet!'".: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl0nQdzZAg0
02/13/2022 04:39 PM
DJ: Evie
In The Gloaming
by Trentemøller
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New dreampop from Danish producer and musician Trentemøller -- featuring vocals from long-time collaborator Lisbet Fritze (Giana Factory). In a statement, he calls the song "renaissance pop" -- "those elements are suspended in arpeggiated synth effervescence, and backed by a modern take on a classic beat. It sounds like the future being recorded at Motown studio, if it had been located in the Thames valley in 1991. Assembled, it presents itself as a new form of electronic space pop, complete with elements of longing and solemnity." -- https://youtu.be/iqteum_Z3Kk
02/13/2022 04:33 PM
DJ: Evie
I Can Change
by LCD Soundsystem
(199 plays) | (1 fan)

On LCD's third LP, James Murphy applies his knowledge of post-punk and studio craft to remake 70s art-rock in his own hyper-modern, self-aware image. https://bit.ly/3kBM9Ax In this video interview with NME, frontman James Murphy goes through the album track-by-track: https://youtu.be/29nbwH6JZoQ
02/13/2022 04:30 PM
DJ: Evie
All That You Want
by Ibibio Sound Machine
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New music from London afro-funk band Ibibio Sound Machine's upcoming album, Electricity. The album is produced by Hot Chip and drops on March 25th! The title track, "Electricity", was a KEXP Song of the Day! Subscribe to the podcast and get it for free: https://kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2022/1/18/ibibio-sound-machine-electricity/
02/13/2022 04:25 PM
DJ: Evie
by Peter Gabriel
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Happy birthday to Peter Gabriel, turning 70 today! Sledgehammer, released by British rocker Gabriel in 1986, has been described as dance-rock, blue-eyed soul, and funk. The song was influenced by 1960s soul music, in particular that made by Memphis label Stax. The distinctive horn track was provided by a horn section led by Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns.
02/13/2022 04:21 PM
DJ: Evie

Of the track Brian Christinzio says: “People that are struggling in life, be it from a stress, loss, or mental illness, are more likely to behave in self-destructive ways. The idea of only drinking when you’re drunk is the notion that sometimes we hurt ourselves because we are hurting. The verses reflect the feelings some of us have when we are plodding through our everyday lives. The choruses are what happens when these feelings get the best of us.” https://bellaunion.com/2020/02/bc-camplight-debuts-i-only-drink-when-im-drunk/
02/13/2022 04:16 PM
DJ: Evie
The Link is About To Die
by Los Bitchos
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The brand new LP from this London-based band comprised of members from Sweden, Uruguay, Australia and London We hosted Los Bitchos Live on KEXP in 2019 -- https://youtu.be/iPp2fdHMxTM https://losbitchos.bandcamp.com/album/let-the-festivities-begin
02/13/2022 04:13 PM
DJ: Evie
by Toro y Moi feat. Salami Ros...
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Chaz Bear, aka Toro y Moi drops 'MAHAL' in April! The follow-up to 2019’s ‘Outer Peace’ was largely completed in Bear’s studio in Oakland last year, and features contributions from Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s Ruban Neilson, Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo, Sofie Royer and the Mattson 2. “I wanted to make a record that featured more musicians on it than any other record of mine,” Bear explained in a statement. “To have them live on that record feels grounded, bringing a communal perspective to the table.”
02/13/2022 04:09 PM
DJ: Evie
Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
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Come on over over / come on over we're having a party for you YACHT originally hails from Portland, but are based in LA -- check out their Bandcamp, including some recent albums and even a Christmas single: https://yacht.bandcamp.com/ Also, groovy video for this track: https://youtu.be/TRsCtFYWLQs
02/13/2022 04:03 PM
DJ: Evie

Thom Yorke wrote this song in response to a vicious review of their July 7 2001 live gig in their hometown of Oxford -- 'this person managed to totally and utterly ruin that day for me forever. And it really shouldn't have done, and I should be bighead enough to just ignore it. And there was a lesson there, which I have I learned now. But I just didn't understand why... how someone, just because they had access to a keyboard and a typewriter, could just totally write off an event, that meant an aweful lot to an aweful lot of people. And there'd been just no answering back, no nothing, that was it, the end of the story." Read more at Citizen Insane: https://tinyurl.com/4r5k9eyv
02/13/2022 04:00 PM
DJ: Evie
Sister 2 Sister
by Ibeyi
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Afro-Cuban, French twins Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Díaz, known to the world as Ibeyi, set out to remobilize the power of their birth--given destiny as Ibeyi, which has led them on a path to restoration in pursuit of true harmony, healing and magic. https://ibeyimusic.com/ https://youtu.be/t-tQz0T87UA