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01/25/2022 04:59 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Say My Name
by Odesza feat. Zyra
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ODESZA is Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, known individually as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. They formed in Bellingham, WA in 2012, shortly before Mills and Knight graduated from Western Washington University. KEXP has hosted ODESZA Live in the KEXP Studio on multiple occasions, including this 2017 set with DJ Cheryl Waters: https://youtu.be/aGVU_1Udhrs https://odesza.bandcamp.com/music
01/25/2022 04:55 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Say My Name
by Godford
(14 plays) | (0 fans)

New music from the Parisian producer and artist! "I'm in the middle of that bridge between innocent romantic and rave. I don't want to choose between those two feelings. Music in general is a non-binary place where everyone can express their deepest feelings." https://bit.ly/3rEytZg
01/25/2022 04:52 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Loose Your Mind
by Dawn Richard
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Dawn Richard shared a Live on KEXP at Home performance and chatted with Gabriel Teodros this past April! Re-live it here: https://youtu.be/XRBymecdn-w https://dawnrichard.bandcamp.com/album/loose-your-mind New music from Dawn Richard! She started her career after auditioning for "Making the Band 3" in 2004, becoming a member Danity Kane across multiple incarnations. In 2009, Richard joined the duo Dirty Money with fellow singer-songwriter Kalenna Harper, and label boss Sean "Diddy" Combs to form Diddy – Dirty Money. With the group, they released the highly successful album Last Train to Paris, as well as two additional mixtapes before their disbandment in 2012. https://bit.ly/3zWItzm
01/25/2022 04:48 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Wrapped Up In Books
by Belle & Sebastian
(49 plays) | (0 fans)

The band's sixth studio album, released on October 6, 2003 on Rough Trade Records. Producer Trevor Horn, former member of The Buggles and producer of groups like Yes and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, oversaw the production of the album, and gave it a more polished, pop-friendly sound, which stood in sharp contrast with their previous lo-fi, folky albums -- http://bit.ly/2zQAbde Check out KEXP's review of the 2015 B&S show with Perfume Genius at the Paramount: https://tinyurl.com/ycykcxks
01/25/2022 04:45 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Library Magic
by The Head And The Heart
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Drive Time loves libraries and educators! Thank you for everything you do! Cheryl Waters hosted The Head and the Heart Live in the KEXP Studio in 2013: https://youtu.be/-Uc1NznSI3U
01/25/2022 04:40 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by My Morning Jacket
(37 plays) | (0 fans)

"I don't know what song to request, but I want to pay homage to the amazing staff at the Ballard Library. They just had to deal with a really angry, verbally abusive patron. They are always so respectful and kind. Librarians are the best of people. Cheers, Barbara in Ballard"
01/25/2022 04:33 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Love Me More
by Mitski
(32 plays) | (0 fans)

Mitski is playing two shows at the Moore on Wednesday & Thursday, March 9-10, with special guest CHAI. https://bit.ly/33ZDPow Mitski wrote most of 'Laurel Hell's' songs before and during 2018, finishing the album during the COVID-19 lockdowns. She described the album as a "soundtrack for transformation, a map to the place where vulnerability and resilience, sorrow and delight, error and transcendence can all sit within our humanity, can all be seen as worthy of acknowledgment, and ultimately, love" Indeed, she expressed that she wrote the album as she "needed love songs about real relationships that are not power struggles to be won or lost" as well as "songs that could help me forgive both others and myself. [...] I needed to create this space mostly for myself where I sat in that gray area." https://bit.ly/3nrSsrg https://mitski.bandcamp.com/album/laurel-hell
01/25/2022 04:29 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Torres
(27 plays) | (0 fans)

Kevin Cole selected 'Thirstier' as part of his Weekly Mix podcast, "Best Laid Plans" -- check it out: https://www.kexp.org/podcasts/weekly-mix/2021/8/27/weekly-mix-vol-786-best-laid-plans/ Recorded at Middle Farm Studios in the U.K. during the pandemic in fall 2020, 'Thirstier’s' tracks are tailored for “post-plague celebration.” “I wanted to channel my intensity into something that felt positive and constructive, as opposed to being intense in a destructive or eviscerating way,” Mackenzie Scott said in a statement. “I love the idea that intensity can actually be something life-saving or something joyous.” https://bit.ly/3ilxnwL
01/25/2022 04:24 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Help I'm alive
by Metric
(204 plays) | (2 fans)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily Haines from Metric and Broken Social Scene -- born on this day in 1974! Metric's Emily Haines shared a little about the songs meaning: “It pretty much sums up the state I’ve been in since I came here, I guess since I was honest with myself and accepted that like I’m really scared. And I don’t know where my life is going. And I don’t know what I’m doing.” https://bit.ly/3GJSnXL Metric performed a stripped down version of "Help I'm Alive" live on KEXP from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge in 2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyM4uQWw_WE https://www.ilovemetric.com
01/25/2022 04:20 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Big Dipper
by Built to Spill
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Built to Spill are playing two nights at the Crocodile - TOMORROW Jan 26 and THURSDAY Jan 27!! https://bit.ly/3I6EdjL
01/25/2022 04:15 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
One Way Out of a Hole
by Cloud Cult
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MEW MUSIC from Cloud Cult! The Minnesota based band will be performing at St. Mark's Cathedral on Saturday, August 27. https://bit.ly/3nK2xAi https://cloudcult.bandcamp.com/ “Although we began writing this song before the pandemic, we performed it along with some other new songs as part of a live-streaming concert during the deep of the COVID shutdown, and the response from the audience on this song, in particular, was unusually empathic,” frontman Craig Minowa said in a statement. “So many people have been through difficult times in the last couple of years, and this song is for all of us who maybe feel a little lost and need a little comfort in remembering that we’re not alone. We’re all in this together.” Pre-order "Metamorphosis": https://cloudcult.bandcamp.com
01/25/2022 04:08 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Tinariwen feat. Warren Elli...
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Amadjar is the eighth album by the northern Mali Tuareg band Tinariwen, released in 2019. The album's title means "the foreign traveler" in the Tamashek language. Darek Mazzone hosted Tinariwen Live in the KEXP Studio in April 2017: https://youtu.be/PItnw3Z7WgY In a 2007 article about the group's origins, Slate questions whether Tinariwen is the, "greatest band on earth". Read more here: https://bit.ly/2M0hR9u
01/25/2022 04:00 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Led Zeppelin
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