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12/24/2021 04:55 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Rock Your Body
by Justin Timberlake
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Co-written with The Neptunes (Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams) and was originally intended to be featured on Michael Jackson's 2001 album Invincible. Jackson rejected the song, so it was instead given to Timberlake for his debut album. https://bit.ly/3fEnaZ5
12/24/2021 04:51 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Dancing On My Own
by Robyn
(60 plays) | (0 fans)

By request for SC! "The whole album is about being really lonely, but I think it's interesting to put that idea in a club where a lot of people are crammed into a small room." https://tinyurl.com/4f3fwat3
12/24/2021 04:48 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Hella Good
by No Doubt
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

Request for Matt! Entertainment Weekly calls it "a dance-pop delight irresistible enough to make you forget that 'hella' is one of history's most irritating slang terms," high praise indeed.
12/24/2021 04:43 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Good Times
by Chic
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

Request for Andy (and Howard). "Good Times" has been sampled by pretty much everyone -- 210 times and counting, in fact, according to whosampled.com. Rapper's Delight, Rock the Bells, B-Boy Bouillabaisse... https://www.whosampled.com/Chic/Good-Times/sampled/
12/24/2021 04:39 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Country Grammar (Hot Shit)
by Nelly
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

By request! "Country Grammar" is Nelly's debut single, released in 2000. The song's melody and chorus come from the children's clapping game Down Down Baby.
12/24/2021 04:36 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Back Door Santa
by Clarence Carter
(2 plays) | (0 fans)

This "superbly funky Christmas single" was released as a single in 1968 and sampled by Run-D.M.C. for "Christmas in Hollis".
12/24/2021 04:30 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Callin' Out
by Lyrics Born
(45 plays) | (0 fans)

Request for Beth and Dan (who are dancing in their kitchen making a holiday feast)! Tsutomu "Tom" Shimura is a Japanese-American rapper and producer, recording as Lyrics Born. He was originally known as Asia Born, but changed his name to ensure that he won fans based on his merits as a rapper.
12/24/2021 04:26 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Poison (7" version)
by Bell Biv DeVoe
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Debut single from Boston vocal group Bell Biv DeVoe, released in 1989 and in the style of new jack swing. They are in fact still touring and will be playing a couple of shows in 2022. https://www.ticketmaster.com/bell-biv-devoe-tickets/artist/734532
12/24/2021 04:24 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
by Earth Wind & Fire
(1 play) | (0 fans)

This is in fact an actual EW & F release: "December" comes from the 2014 holiday album "Holiday", reworking their 1978 hit "September". "We never thought about doing a holiday album before, but Legacy/Sony asked [..]." -- Verdine White
12/24/2021 04:19 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
You Be Illin'
by Run-D.M.C.
(4 plays) | (0 fans)

The song describes some examples of "illing" and chides a fictitious individual for his "illing" behavior. The Atlantic once published a full-length article about the origins of the word illin: https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2012/01/where-illin-came/333304/
12/24/2021 04:16 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Big City
by Oliver $
(1 play) | (0 fans)

Oliver was actually an electronic music duo of two people: Los Angeles musicians Oliver Goldstein and Vaughn Oliver. This track is off Inner Circle: Remixes & Rarities, the companion release to their first debut full-length Full Circle.
12/24/2021 04:09 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Ooh La La
by The Wiseguys
(1 play) | (0 fans)

The track samples "Jim on the Move" on the Mission: Impossible soundtrack, composed by Argentine-American musician Lalo Schifrin.
12/24/2021 04:05 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
Disco Inferno
by The Trammps
(3 plays) | (0 fans)

You might recognize this classic disco tune from the film Saturday Night Fever. The song had limited mainstream success until 1978, when the whole 10:54-minute album version of track was included in the movie soundtrack.
12/24/2021 04:01 PM
DJ: Marco Collins
by Chrome
(12 plays) | (0 fans)

Merry Christmas Eve! "Tenderoni" is one of the singles off of Fancy Footwork, Montreal electrofunk group Chromeo's second studio album.