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09/26/2021 05:52 AM
DJ: Reeves

09/26/2021 05:45 AM
DJ: Reeves

Released this day in 2003, this single was released by Seattle group composed of Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis. Give Up is the only album they made together as The Postal Service. The actual USPS sold the band's CD briefly through their website, and here's the statement made about it: "[T]his week the United States Postal Service - the real one, as in stamps and letters - signed an agreement with Sub Pop granting a free license to use the name in exchange for working to promote using the mail. Future copies of the album and the group's follow-up work will have a notice about the trademark, while the federal Postal Service will sell the band's CDs on its Web site, potentially earning a profit. The band may do some television commercials for the post office."
09/26/2021 05:41 AM
DJ: Reeves
Sunday Morning
by Michael Stipe
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09/26/2021 05:38 AM
DJ: Reeves
Kiko And The Lavender Moon
by Los Lobos
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This song is about a magical, albeit lonely character called Kiko, who comes out at night to "dance and dance." In SongFacts interview, Los Lobos' drummer and songwriter, Louie Pérez, told us he reflected upon his childhood when writing the lyrics: "I took this remembrance of the little house that I grew up in and Mom's dresser-top altar, and was able to fold that into a song." Read more here https://www.songfacts.com/facts/los-lobos/kiko-and-the-lavender-moon
09/26/2021 05:32 AM
DJ: Reeves
Cybele's Reverie
by Stereolab
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09/26/2021 05:27 AM
DJ: Reeves
by Angel Olsen
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Covering Laura Branigan as part of an 80's cover EP coming out digitally on August 20th and physically September 24th. Features covers of OMD, Billy Idol, Men Without Hats and Alphaville
09/26/2021 05:23 AM
DJ: Reeves
Love Love Love
by My Morning Jacket
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Single, “Love Love Love,” from their upcoming self-titled album. In a statement, James said of the song, “‘Love Love Love’ is trying to steer the ship away from everything I’m talking about in ‘Regularly Scheduled Programming,’ and speak toward positivity and pure love, finding truth within yourself and in the world around you.” - https://bit.ly/3zygK6m
09/26/2021 05:17 AM
DJ: Reeves
Crushed Velvet
by Yves Tumor
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09/26/2021 05:14 AM
DJ: Reeves
You Said Something
by PJ Harvey
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09/26/2021 05:10 AM
DJ: Reeves
Don't Go Puttin Wishes in My Head
by Torres
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TORRES will be LIVE on KEXP on Monday September 27 at Noon. This session is NOT open to the public. Be sure to tune in at Noon to hear her live performance. https://bit.ly/2WcEeAo TORRES is playing that night at Tractor Tavern. https://bit.ly/2XLg3cr “I’ve been conjuring this deep, deep joy that I honestly didn’t feel for most of my life,” says Mackenzie Scott (Torres). “I feel like a rock within myself. And I’ve started to feel that I have what it takes to help other people conjure their joy, too.” Read more about KEXPs Song of the Day from May 2021 and download the track for free: https://kexp.org/podcasts/song-of-the-day/2021/5/31/torres-dont-go-puttin-wishes-my-head/ The video for this terrific song mostly features Scott in a kitchen with her partner, the painter Jenna Gribbon: https://youtu.be/HfoeNuW9NVI
09/26/2021 05:02 AM
DJ: Reeves
Genius Of Love
by Tom Tom Club
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