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09/09/2021 04:58 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Fathers And Sons
by TV Priest
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I've been driving around listening to the stories today, tears running down my face. I'm in my own dark space now, dealing with an autoimmune issues that makes my feel feel like it's not my own. And I keep pulling myself out of the downward spiral of worry, what's happening to me? But here I am out in the world, acting like it's all normal, getting the everyday stuff done and I appreciate your show for reminding me that we all have our struggles. I'm heading home now to be there when my kids get back from school and I'm so grateful to be alive for them and able to move and so funnily enough I'd love to hear TV Priest. That first song that came out awhile back. Because it makes me want dance and I think we should all dance while we can. Anonymous in Snohomish
09/09/2021 04:45 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Leonard Cohen
(36 plays) | (1 fan)

I was hoping I'd be lucky enough to have you play Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche" during your Music Heals broadcast this Thursday. I've struggled on and off with clinical depression and suicidal ideation since high school. At a particularly bleak precipice before I was kicked out of university I had turned almost completely insular. While I struggled with many aspects of my personal life, I found a lot of solace in the music of fellow depressives. To me, the writing of artists like Leonard Cohen always brought a sense of shared emotional affect - a voice from someone who ached in a seemingly similar fashion. It was a reassurance that no matter how out of place I felt, these struggles were not unfamiliar to many. This selfish friendship I found with authors I'd never meet (let alone have to share anything vulnerable with) provided me some stability until I'd begin the painful process of seeking therapy and opening myself back up to others. Thank you for providing this program and taking the time to sift through many voices such as mine. I'd never have gone back to school and completed my degree without voices that made me feel less alone. Cheers, Harrison
09/09/2021 04:41 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
by Julien Baker
(8 plays) | (0 fans)

Can you play "Rejoice" by Julien Baker today? High school was really tough for me and this song helped me reconcile the tough time i was going to and give me hope :) I’m forever grateful for this song. Thank you, Roan
09/09/2021 04:38 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
All Things Must Pass
by The Beatles
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Thank you for joining us today for Music Heals: Mental Health as we acknowledge the struggles of mental health and emotional well being that so many of us deal with and how music can really make a difference. From 5am-7pm, we'll be reading your stories and playing your requests. You can send yours in by emailing stories@kexp.org and then tune in to hear the stories and experiences of your fellow listeners.
09/09/2021 04:35 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Real Love Baby
by Father John Misty
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My name is Trinity, I am from Bremerton WA, and have moved to Seattle nearly a year ago. I was in the graduate class of 2020, and had the beginning of covid to navigate. And I feel as someone going through the early stages of adult hood these past 2 years or so, I have been thrown into situations I would have never predicted for myself. It wasn’t all bad. During this time I had also become more solid in the fact that I was bisexual. I was raised in a very strict household, and when I told my grandmother who I had been living with at the time, she didn’t want me to live there anymore. I found a safe place in Seattle with a friend of a friend of a friend. I found an amazing job, met some really great people, and for once things started to look up. Since then, of course I have had some really dark days. I haven’t even lived here a year, and I have had a few scares of it all flaring back. The wanting to just for lack of a better word, die. And as sad as it was, I couldn’t feel it anymore. And at many points during this move, I would think. Am I stronger because of all of this? Because all I would think is, how it’s so numb past wanting to die. I just feel, dead. On the outside, I am a very positive person, I did theatre all throughout high school, choir, always good for a smile. I talk to so many people that I am so thankful for in my life, and we may have only shared a kind face. I live for connections. And I haven’t ever valued that as much as I have been lately. For a while I have been battling with my doctors about medication. And in the end, I decided to just go off. I have been medication free for nearly a month so far, and I just would like to say, it was all because of how I looked at it. My point of view just changed. Everybody tells you how you are the only one who can help yourself, and, to a degree, it’s true. Once I started to let things slide. To just not read too deep. Ignoring everything that had been shoved in my face my entire life. And I can’t quite tell you how I did it. I guess for once, I was looking at what I could do this second, and how that would, in reality, help the next. I started cleaning, meeting people, STATING BOUNDARIES AND SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF MYSELF!! Things both in my actions and how I treat myself!! Everything I want to say how I hate myself or everything is going downhill, I try to speak louder than that, and treat myself as a dear friend. Get out and explore the world, and find things that make you feel lovely. Alive. Matter of fact, on of my favorite things along with cuddling my cats and exploring new parts of my city, is sitting my my car, listing to your station! I allow myself to experience life through whatever lenses you have playing that night. :) Thank you so much guys, I hope this inspires even one person somewhere to live on behalf of themselves, and say yes to as many experiences as possible! Manifest positivity !! :)
09/09/2021 04:28 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
This Will Be Our Year
by The Zombies
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When I was 16 my dad had a bad mental health episode. He had to be hospitalized. It was right before senior Prom. My date took me in my prom dress to visit my dad. My dad got help and medication for his mental illness. Fast forward 12 years and I married my prom date and danced to Wildflowers at my wedding with my dad. It's so hard to tell this story, but it helps to share with others so they know help and healing is possible. Will you please play This Will be our Year by the Zombies for my husband Greg? Thank you! Naomi
09/09/2021 04:20 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Fell On Black Days
by Soundgarden
(25 plays) | (0 fans)

It has to be fate that I discovered Soundgarden when I was incredibly close to suicide in 1994. I was in middle school and years of bullying made me into a shell. Hearing Black Hole Sun and Chris’ lyrics made me think of washing away all of the pain and the people that caused that pain. It was then I dived into finding more music that spoke to me. It helped me to voice how depression and anxiety was killing me, even though my Caribbean parents didn’t understand what that meant and said I have nothing to worry about as a child. A little over two and half decades later I’m still struggling. I’m finally getting therapy but I also have developed an addiction problem I have only just come to admit with this week. What really hurts the most is knowing that Chris isn’t here. The man who helped me to survive, himself didn’t want to anymore. I wish I could have told him he wasn’t alone. Can you play anything by Soundgarden? All of their songs speak to my good days, bad days and the days I need to be reminded that it’s ok to feel what I feel. Nadia
09/09/2021 04:14 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Black Hole Sun
by Brandi Carlile
(44 plays) | (1 fan)

Hi KEXP! Thanks for focusing on mental health today - I have been struggling more than ever the last couple of weeks with anxiety about my job and the overall state of the world. It warms me and gives me hope to hear the stories being shared today and knowing that I am not alone. When I am in the grip of shutting down with anger and anxiety, I often turn on KEXP to try to remind myself that I can get past this moment - and that the music will carry me through. ~ Drew
09/09/2021 04:09 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Nothing Compares 2 U
by Chris Cornell
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Thank you for joining us today for Music Heals: Mental Health as we acknowledge the struggles of mental health and emotional well being that so many of us deal with and how music can really make a difference. From 5am-7pm, we'll be reading your stories and playing your requests. You can send yours in by emailing stories@kexp.org and then tune in to hear the stories and experiences of your fellow listeners.
09/09/2021 04:04 PM
DJ: Kevin Cole
Thank You
by Chris Cornell
(1 play) | (0 fans)

My son is a soccer player. I have been to 90% of his games and practices over 11+ years. On December 1st, 2019, my wife and I could not make his game. I was receiving updates all game via text. All of sudden, they stopped. 10 minutes later I received a call. "Your son is on the ground with a compound fracture in his leg and blood pouring out." It haunts me that I was not there for him. As the parents and coach gathered around him, they tried to console him. Remarkably, he was not crying. He asked to things; "Is my leg still there?" and "Did it go in?" The EMT's and Nurses at Plantation General Hospital (In Florida) were awesome and we are blessed and grateful for what they did for us and what they do for all of us every day! He was in the hospital 11 days and almost lost his foot (pic below-not gory). After 3 surgeries and 6 months of rehab he had his moments of despair and struggle. He worked hard and was back on the field 5 months after his last surgery and even scored the winner in his first game back (video below)! I am so inspired by his strength and courage. He and our daughter (who overcomes anxiety issues daily) are beacons of hope for us. I know today is a day for facing tough obstacles and overcoming them. I want to thank the coach, parents, EMT's, nurses, doctors, rehab tech's, teamates and everyone who helped him get back. Without them, he wouldn't be where he is now. It was a profound lesson in gratitude and that we are definitely not alone. Could you please play Chris Cornell's live version of "Thank You" for all that helped Axel overcome. Regards, Tom Fort Lauderdale #YouAreNotAlone